Living as a maid

Hi there, I am willing to work as a live-in maid. Is it normal in Lebanon for us maids to wear uniform or can we decide for ourselves what to wear when on duty? Or does it depend to the employers what they do want us to wear?

it depends on the employer
good luck!

Be careful my dear maids are not treated well in Lebanon so make sure to know how to protect yourself in case something went wrong.

Thank you for your warning. Is it really that bad?

It depends on the family where will you be working , there is communities that can help you if something went wrong. make a google on communities who take care of maids  in Lebanon

Thank you for your reply. You mean it is not that bad when working for a European family?  Or can it be bad too when working for European family.
It is hardly unbelievable that you are beaten or punished in another way when you are a grown up woman by either a European or Arab Madame

Dear Paula,

Good luck for your new job in Lebanon.
What to wear and what to do as a maid depends mostly on the family or employer you will be working for.
Concerning the treatments, well it depends on the people you are working for so you can't generalize ..!! not depending on nationalities ..try to make good friends there ( Philippians ) so they can guide you :)


Thank you for your answer Sir. I will take your advice

You are welcomed Paula, I am also Lebanese but living in KSA :)

Why Lebanon?

I choose Lebanon because i think it is an interesting country and i could learn a lot of the habits by living in a ME country.

Hi Paula,
I was work as house maid in Lebanon for 3 years. My employer's threaten me as own family

I am looking for an honest House maid in Mansourieh, full or part time, in or out... will appreciate if you know someone.
All nationalities are welcome, preference for Philippines.
Best Regards

Hi Daccache,

I will invite you to please drop an advert in the Housemaid jobs in Beirut section :)

Thank you