Is this allowed in beirut=)?

Hey guys,how r you doing,im a lebanese guy,living in italy,im going to lebanon in the summer,just for a couple of weeks,i want to spend a night with my girlfriend (lebanese),in a hotel or some place,she's 19 too,so is it allowed there for unmarried couple to share a room?I dont really know the rules there so..anyway if it is allowed,could u please tell me what r the cheapest hotels or rooms to stay at in beirut ?and what r the minimum costs for that,thanks a lot

Well buddy, 2main questions:
a-Do you intend to stay IN Beirut or is it ok to find accomodation elswhere?
b-there are no cheap hotels in leb unless you're talking real bad what kind of budget do you have in mind?

There was this nice place near Jbeil(Byblos) called camping Amshit but that might have changed.
As for is it depends if you are holding a lebanese or a foreign passport and what area in leb you want to stay in.
Hope that helps

I don't live in Lebanon anymore, but i don't think you should have a problem sharing the same room with your girlfriend. If you want to assure yourself that everything goes according to plan, then just get the room yourself, pay for it, and let your girlfriend follow you up to your room like 20 minutes later with her bags. If its a very fancy hotel, then they might have to call you to confirm you know her, if they do, just say yes. They will let her up.

Thats how me and my girlfriend managed it when we were there. I don't think they even mind just walking in together, but we couldn't waste our time and the risk of being rejected.

No problem and have fun, ciao carlo

Have fuh ahahhaha::)