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I am an American and I will be moving to Georgia for my husband's job in a few months. I am pregnant and plan on giving birth while in Georgia. I have been searching the internet trying to find information about childbirth in Georgia and information about the hospitals and I'm coming up empty. Due to medical reasons, I will have to have a c-section. We are fortunate enough to have private insurance and so I can choose where I would like to give birth. If any of you have given birth in Georgia or know someone who has, can you tell me what their experiences were and give me some advice in regards to hospitals and doctors. Thank you very much!

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there's a very good hospital close to where i live, The doctors there are professionals, You can call my phone for more info Micheal

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Hi, i know that many foreign ladies gave birth at Chachava clinic, doctor Dr. Maka Chikovani. You can try to contact for further information (international women association in Georgia) and Tbilisi Info for Parents … rents/info
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