Running in Maputo

Hi - can anyone tell me about running in Maputo?  I will be moving there soon, and I will be training for a marathon

Welcome to, Africa_Magic :)

Hi Africa Magic, there is a Hash Harriers club in Maputo.  Although this may not help you on the serious end of training for a marathon, it may as far as meeting other runners in the area.  More info at:

Thanks!  Yeah am looking forward to the hashes.  Would like to do some longer runs also though.  Do you know whether there are any good places? is it safe to run along the beach?

A lot of people run along the Marginal and Friedrich Engels.

hi Africa Magic, everywhere is safe....during daylight hours....dont push the boundaries at night....or carry a tazer..which is illegal but i find that if you just push the button they run....faster than you.

@Jotici  Does Maputo have a marathon?

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