Medical Test will be done again in KSA?

Hi, would you happen to know if they will be looking in our medical results in our home country once we get to KSA?

Assalamu aleikum

For iqama purposes, you might be requested to visit one of the certified medical centres here, in Saudi Arabia and get certain tests (blood and urine, as far as I remember) done again. The data will be uploaded accordingly in MOI base, and you'll be directed on further proceeding for obtaining iqama.

The process is very smooth and well organised.

Hope this answers your question.

They actually will ask you to do the test again in ksa for the iqama process

I have gone through the medical process in 3 GCC countries i.e. UAE, Bahrain and Saudi.  The most thorough one in recent past has been Bahrain (Blood, X-ray, Urine, Eye test and doctor exam).  And the most relaxed, Saudi. 

I did the Saudi medical last week after arriving on my work visa.  To give context, I am in top management in my company and as a result, three people accompanied me to the clinic and they knew everyone.  It took all of 5 minutes and only involved a blood test.

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