Fans battery operated

Anyone have advice where to purchase a battery operated fan ,with rechargeable batterys  to use during blackouts.?

I think there are several different types available. Make sure that you chose one that can be recharged in less than 12 hours! Someone was advertising one that only worked for 6 - 8 hours but took over 12 hours to charge. I would suggest a solar one that can be recharged during the day.

hkann, you are always so much help,thanks . any idea what they cost and what store carries them?

I think the rechargeable ones might be available at Palace or Game

These days you can easily buy battery powered fans from any online marketplace like Amazon. Problem is in looks all these fans seem to be the same, but in reality they are a lot different in their features. To get a portable fan that meets your requirement the best you need to have the necessary information. Of all the models available, the best battery operated portable fans are those that do not require a power outlet for you to plug into and can be operated at your convenience anytime and anywhere running on rechargeable batteries. I suggest you visit [link moderated] to find out more.

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