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I often go to Cagayan de Oro for vacations from Norway. There I can't find wheat flour to make roti / chapati. Can anybody tell me whether there is any shop in Manila, Davao or Cebu where I can buy these things and whether the shop owner can send it to me by post/ ship? I shall be very thankful. Take care.

Following, i also want to find this

Is it really so difficult to get an answer to my simple question about where can I buy wheat flour in Philippines?

these are some milling companies in the Philippines whether you are buying by bulk or not maybe you can contact them and inquire which supermarket centers you can buy their products:

Philippine Foremost Milling

while this other site has a collection of brands and could possibly provide you a rough price quote with the contact numbers of the suppliers


i hope this helps, if not i'm sorry :)

MrNorway :

Is it really so difficult to get an answer to my simple question about where can I buy wheat flour in Philippines?

ask about rice

Very simple solution that you can do yourself instead of waiting for others to do it for you:

Step 1: Search "wheat flour philippines" on google

Step 2: Write down the name of the stores and call them.

Step 3: Ask if they have a branch / supplier in CDO, and if not, ask whether they can ship the product.

Step 4: Ask how much for the flour and shipping, when they can delivery it, and payment method.

Step 5: Pay.

Thanks very much for the replies.

MrNorway :

Thanks very much for the replies.

But there must be some Indian food stores in Philippines who sell wheat flour. That way I can buy the right quality (not too fine and not too rough).


Please read and understand post #6. I found suppliers on Google in less than 30 seconds.

Hy! There's a supermarket near where I live here in Pasig,Manila, where I buy my supply of Roti Prata. Flavors come in Plain,wheat and Onion. Instant prata in minutes.Let me know if you'd like some flown to you in CDO. Take care!

I buy whole wheat flour here in Butuan City,  out of stock now,  searching for whole wheat flour.

You should check out Healthy Options. They have branches in Davao and CDO as well.

They have organic and conventional Bob's Red Mill Flour Wheat flour from the US. Try to find it in CDO, if they are out of stock you can drive down to Davao (or Cebu).

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