Foreigners in Luoyang

Hello everybody,

I'm in Luoyang since 4 month now and i didn't see any foreigners!  :sosad: 
My mother language is French but i can speak a little English... So if there is some european people in Luoyang Henan, send me a message  :D

i am not european, but i am a foreigner living in luoyang. my  wechat is ***

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Hello, thanks for your reply but...I'm back in my country since nearly 2 years! ;-) Have fun in Luoyang and wish you a nice experience...

oh okay thanks hey maybe if you manage to come back again :D

Anyone still in Luoyang?

For my case, i'm back in my country! Luoyang was a bad  working experience for me unfortunately  :mad:
But for shure, i met a lot of good people and i will come back as soon as possible to see them again  :top:

As for me I a still in china but I moved to Dalian. I know a couple of people in Luoyang they usually have church on sundays.

Hello I’m in Luoyang and I have really been looking for a church  could you please connect me with the people for the church

I'm back in Belgium, i can't help you...

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