I am getting a retirement visa and would like to know which is the best place to live in S L

I suggest Kandy. Read more about Kandy

Good luck!

Hi,  I like you to surf the internet to find out a suitable place in Sri Lanka.  I have advertized in Lanka Property Web my property and we want to rent out the place for those who are retired and wanting to spend the retirement happily.  You can find out the details about bungalows in Hikkaduwa and you will be able to find out exactly what you are looking for. You can go to the internet to check about me.  Please do come back to me after finding out the facts.  thanks.

Lacille de silva

Can you tell me exactly which property it is so I can see the details on LankaProperty Web.
I am looking for something long term, a nice enclosed garden and I shall be bringing two small dogs with me.


Hi,  there is a lady standing in front of my house and my name is given there Lacille de Silva. Please  see whether information I have given is sufficient to you.  I have also stated that a colonial bungalow for the elderly as well.

I have mentioned that I could give a better rate if it is long term. It does not matter if you have dogs as we too love animals.  I also have a dog with us.

Please come back if you are unable to get me.  I hope you could.




Everyone says Kandy but it always seems to be raining and a long way from the coast,beutifully,city



In Sri Lanka, you have a choice of locations to live at:

1-  BEACHES - from the "happening" beaches like Hikkaduwa on the west coast, with it's various pubs, clubs & regular parties, to the very secluded and quiet beaches like Marawila on the west coast, or Kulkudah on the east coast.  About an hour to Colombo/Airport from the west coast, much longer from the east coast.

2-  The HILL COUNTRY - with it's scenic views of mountains, cool climate, waterfalls, etc., like Nuwara Eliya, Bandarawela, Ella, etc.  About 3-4 hours to Colombo/Airport.

3-  The CULTURAL & ANCIENT SITES - like Kandy, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, etc.  About 3 hours to Colombo/Airport.

4-  Near the WILDLIFE SAFARI PARKS - only for serious animal lovers, and about 4 hours to Colombo/Airport.

5-  Vibrant COLOMBO CITY - quite a cosmopolitan city, with shopping malls, upscale boutiques & salons, and no shortage of good restaurants/bars/clubs/theatres, etc.

Apart from Colombo City, the rest of Sri Lanka is amazingly cheap for housing, compared to many other places in the world, including our neighboring countries!

Our personal choice was NEGOMBO BEACH, only a 30 minute drive to Colombo on the new highway, and not too quiet, with plenty of pilots and their families residing here due to it's proximity to the International Airport.

CHOOSE a location mentioned above, do your research on the various options available here, and then put down roots!

Sri Lanka is by far one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to live in, in this world.


I would say Galle. But not the town. Go further down Habaraduwa, Kathaluwa, Ahangama upto weligama are nice areas. Easy to travel as well.

Thank you for that.  I have been looking around that area but there does not seem to be much around there to rent.  I have been looking on Lanka Property Web


Thanks for that.  Still, decisions, decisions

Hi Eric,

You won't be able to find good places on net. Very difficult. You will either come down here and search or find a good trustworthy broker. If you can give me rough idea what you are looking for and your budget I can pass a word around and see. I'll be in that area next week .

A two/three bedroom property with nice decent sized secure garden, I shall be bringing two small dogs with me and in a quite neighbourhood upto about £250 a month long term rent

Many Thanks,in,

I will see what I can find for you.


Yes I am still looking for somewhere.  Please contact email address [email protected]


Hello, could you give me more details on your house? Thank you

Looking for a beachfront small land to build a cabana guest house. 2acres minimum. 2hours drive maximum from colombo AirPort.

Thank you, i thought your house is for rent. I eant to rent a house while i am looking for my land to buy.

Hi Nishan

Have you already given your land in Hikkaduwa to this gentleman? Did you mean to give by way of a deed of gift? Why I ask this is because from what I know, the Sri Lankan law is that anyone who builds a house in a land that belongs to another will not have ownership to it. I just felt it right that this be made known to the expats in this blog so that they could make an informed decision, especially if they are using their hard earned money for retirement.

Homeland Bound


May I know that you have already sold your property? I would like to see some photos and  know the prise.

I am interested. Can send photos on my email?
Price per month?

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I am retiring in two years and looking for place in Sri Lanka where less mosquitoes.
Is there any place no mosquitoes in Sri Lanka? I left the country for about 45 years ago.

Dear All,


My husband and I bought this beautiful land to build a Bed and Breakfast and eventually for us to retire in the villa, but being overseas and with school age kids, are not able to do this project from far. We want to sell it, and it is advertised online. I ma happy to send the slide show if anyone is interested.

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can you please send me some details?
I am currently serching property in Marawila area.
Waikkal may be suitable too