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I have a piece of land and I am thinking to start construction of a villa in Down South (tangalle area).

What will be the cost for a two floors building (Ground floor and 1st floor) of around 1400 square foot (or 125 mq) each, so total 2800 square foot or 250 mq?

My idea is to build:
2 bedrooms with 2 attached bathroom, a small kitchen, a dining area and a veranda in each floor.

I am in a "budget" I would like something nice, not luxury, with big windowns/doors and  concrete on the floor.
Any suggestion on reducing the cost will be more than welcome.

Thank you

Hi Giovy2017,

I think it would cost you around 13 - 15 million rupees. The cost can be brought down further if you sit down and work with your contractor, architect & engineer. But it all depends on what you would want.
It also depends on the condition of your land. If the soil is good the cost for foundations will reduce.
I can help you with the project as I am a contractor. Please send me a personal message so we can speak about this in detail.

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Hi, Are you still in trade. I am thinking of a building a house near SAITM and looking for a cost for about 2500 sq foot house. will you be able to help.
regrards, Merill


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