which hotel/resort in or near Da Nang?


I am planning to spend a week in/around Danang next January, with wife, 1 yr old child and mother in law.
I visited Hoi An two years ago, and liked it very much. This time, I would like to try Danang (closer to Hue, which I would like to see).

I would like to stay in a nice hotel or resort not too far from the beach (for up to $70 per night approx).
What would you suggest? And in which area?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

I recommend Alacarte hotel, very nice seaview. I love staying in this hotel.

North of the HAI VAN PASS - which is north of DA NANG - there are a strip of nice resorts at LANG CO and LOC VINH.

Open a new window Bing Maps and load 16.200001,108.133003 into the search field.

This is the HAI VAN PASS which separates DA NANG from LANG CO.

HIGHWAY 1A is the main road to HUE and, eventually, HA NOI.  You will see several small roads heading towards the sea. All have resorts.


HUE is 4 hours (road or rail) from DA NANG. Open Tour buses leave DN at 12.00H and 16.00H daily. They will stop at LANG CO by prior request.

I am with Woody_dn.
A La Carte is a good choice. New one, close to the beach, a apartment can be for all of you. The price is nearly same what you are looking for.
Hope it helps.

- roomrocker.com/Place/Da_Nang_1.htm#destination=place:Da_Nang&radius=0mi&Rooms=0&pageSize=25&pageIndex=0&sort=Popularity-desc&showSoldOut=false&propertyType=7&scroll=206&mapState=expanded%3D0SoldOut=false&propertyType=7&scroll=206&mapState=expanded%3D0

Safe travels!

We recently had family - 2 adults and 2 children staying in Da Nang / Hoi An. They booked the Vinh HUng Riverside Resort in Hoi An and of all the hotels they stayed at throughout Vietnam, Vinh Hung was their favourite.. Free cooking and activities and free food in the afternoons..
I think it cost a bit less than $70 per / night.. have a great trip :)