Tennis Partner in Danang


I will be in Danang from 2-5 July and looking for tennis player to hit some balls. Rally or match play.


Hi, I am in Da Nang for the foreseeable future, would certainly be interested in hitting or playing matches but I'm not high level and not played for 1 year + (I have my racquet with me though :)) I'm open to play anyone, any level in da nang over the next few months at least as I'm looking to get back into it. I have already seen a few courts around just no one on them.
I guess I used to be around NTRP level 3.0-3.5 (prob closer to 3.5) to give anyone an idea.
Gibson, if you are still interested in hitting etc. (Or anyone else) let me know,

Hi Ryan,

I am just a visiting tourist from 2-5 July who is looking for some hit.

Are you still in Danang?
I'm looking for some tennis partners.

Hi guys, I´m in Da Nang for a few months and missing a tennis player partner. I´ve found a good court already.

My level is good enough to guarantee you a good workout.



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