nigerians in Mauritius

Ekkyluv :

Hi am a Nigeria coming to Mauritius I need help on how to get a waitress job and accommodation


May I suggest that you read the guide to know a bit more about employment on the island:

Sorry to disappoint you. It will be hard for you to get and work permit from the Ministry of Labour for a waitress job as a foreigner.
There are many locals who can do that job.

Hi uchman, wetin dey happen? Am uchman too, pls I need to private chat u to know wetin dey ok

There are lots of restaurants and hotels you can easily get jobs as a waiter, customer service etc. I need someone to help me bring egusi from Nigeria. I'll settle the bills if anyone can.

Moving to Mauritius next year and I need friends in Mauritius to tell me more about the place

That's great. I may be moving to Mauritius too.

Sorry, I do not have an answer to your question as i am not in Mauritius yet.

I'm from Nigeria and planing to  visit Mauritius by Jenuary 2019,looking for Nigeria friend in Mauritius and a shared flat to rent , any Nigeria here?

Hello Peter
How are you doing
My name is Ejike and am planing to visit Mauritius from Nigeria , i would love to have a chat with you

You can check on economic development board .you dont need an can apply online straight there..

Hello bro
Please how do i get work permit before i leave nigeria

Bro good day
Please how can i get work permit from there before my arrival

Well it depends , it’s mostly easier for professionals especially doctors , nurses and other skilled professionals to get an interview with one of the top companies here in Mauritius which will help u to process ur work and resident permit before coming. Most of them pay for ur air ticket as well plus other benefits.

Clift4real :

Okay but what of now that am coming there with a tourist visa can easily get some job to sustain myself I will like us to discuss more on what’sap please add me with this number *** thanks for your understanding

With a tourist visa you are NOT allowed to get employment.
BTW: You will need to prove that you have enough funds to support yourself whilst on  a tourist visa

Good morning

Pls what is your Facebook  name am coming this month

Please give me your whatsapp line I want to discuss something with you thanks

Please link with me your whatsapp line thanks

*** my whatsApp contact

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I am from Nigeria and its been boring here in mauritius in the apt alone .I will be glad if i can meet new friends here .

Emmy howfar area clear are there jobs

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