for rant house

I'm looking for rant house please

Hi Babajeerasha,

Welcome on board :)

I invite you to please post an advert in the Houses for rent in Mauritania section :)

Thank you


I'm looking for rant house please 3 bedroom please thanks

You looking for a house where you know we are in big city. I know a house in leksar

Can you send me the picture off the house please I need see and how much it will be the rant please thanks

I am not the one who is renting the house i just sow it 2 days ago . But i can help you to find one here in nouakchott . When are you caming here??? .
Usuly the rent here is from 40.000 ougiya to 200.000 ougiya depend on wich area you want live .

Thank you for your help me  I just let you know if can find for me out off the city  near  to the city  how much will  the rant for  three bedrooms house  or banglow  and also  if you don't mind send me your Skype I'd  if you have let me know thanks

hi there I dont have a skype but I will send you my phone number   you can find me on viber or whats up
hope i can help you

Ok thanks send me please

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