:) Hi all, I,m new to the Cyprus Expats and would like to introduce myself...
I'm Jessebernie currently living in Malta and considering re-locating to Paphos, Cyprus.  We will be visiting for a month in November to look at areas and property to rent long term. 
Look forward to our trip and being part of the Expat group.

we arrived here from malta just 10 weeks ago and love it.

the cyprus forum is very very quiet  -  not as active as the Malta one for sure....

accom is very very cheap in my experience  - you get a lot more for your euro for sure - other stuff is more expensive but then some stuff is much cheaper.... for us so far - overal l-  its worked out about 10-15% cheaper than Malta

:top: hi Toonarmy, wow, congratulations on your move!  Sounds like you made a good choice.  Are you in Paphos?  That is where we will be basing ourselves on our month stay in November.  We too are retired, and lived in a few countries.
Perhaps we could meet up when we're there?
Can you send a private message or email me please.

yes we are in the Paphos Distrcit - an area call Peyia  - known for its banana

its only 4kms north of Coral Bay, its nice viilage albeit  quite a large one - we took a one year lease prior to getting here as we have a cat and we needed to find and commit to a place to live as we didnt want to put him in a cattery and would not be allowed into a hotel with him.. so we took the plunge - we had heard from some friends about Peyia being similar in some respects to our Malta home of Mellieha... so we made the decision sold everything and moved in 4 weeks..... we were lucky to have friends who had done the same thing only 3months earlier and they had a look at the proeprty we now call  home.. and we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and that the photos were committed to it.

we love it here  - much bigger place much cleaner much greener and roads to die for plus  the driving standards arent half as bad as Malta.... no hooting no tooting no loud shouting and no shotguns or petards going off at all hours... so very very nice... well for us it is.....Malta allways was, is and always will be a love it or hate it island - here I cant honestly see how anyone could hate it....

Area is important and is usually driven by what your needs and requirements are for personal comfort well being and enjoyment.... we knoe exactly what we want and we havent quite found it but we have certainly made a good start - so no regrets

we are lucky to have a great amicable landlord - english too - who lives here - and we see home maybe once every 2 months  - he comes to us to make sure we are all ok... and that we haveniot got any problems or isseus  - unliek Mlata LOL....

No problems with water or electric billing as everyone pays the same and the bill is in your name immediately - all dodn ine 15mintues. Alien Registration (yes we are stil aliens here lol) is a doddle too (in and out in 25minutes - although it takes 5 weeks to get an appointment)

Healthcare - we had to take private as we are not on UK state pensions as retired early - plus we dont work so private was a must.. not cheap but much cheaper than expected by about 50%

anyway keep in touch ok

I wil pm contact details ok

Thanks David.  Sent email.

no probs

we try to answer as much as we can with our limited experiences so far of beautful Cyprus... but am sure our experiences will grow over time and am more than willing to share them to benefit others

:) Thank you.  I really appreciate all the info.