What are the prospects of contacting Ebola as an Expatriate

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If you're not a healthcare worker, a funeral worker or anyone who comes into direct physical contact with those infected with the Ebola virus or their corpses, then you have nothing to worry about.

While Ebola virus has been around for nearly 40 years now (longer than the AIDS virus) there is still no evidence that it is an airborne virus, but rather it is spread through physical contact and contact with body fluids just as the AIDS virus is. Like AIDS it probably could be passed through blood transfusions too, however those who get Ebola don't usually live long enough to ever donate blood, so we'll probably never know that.

Really, I think you're buying into the sensationalism that the media is focusing on this issue. Just the word EPIDEMIC strikes terror into the heart of many people.

EBOLA IS NOT AN EPIDEMIC, by definition of the World Health Organisation an epidemic is when 7.7%  or more of a population contracts a disease. In any of the countries where there are now Ebola outbreaks there is LESS THAN ONE ONE HUNDREDTH OF ONE PERCENT of the population affected.

There have been outbreaks of Ebola every single year since 1976 when it was first discovered on the banks of the Ebola River in Zaire. True, this current outbreak is the largest since then, and maybe even larger than all others put together, but it still is nowhere near epidemic. I truly wonder what is the personal agenda behind all the sensationalism in the media anyway. Is it just to sell newspapers? Is it designed to drum up money for charity / aid organisations who treat the sick? Why such terror tactics in the media when they are so far from the TRUTH about this disease?????

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