will be working in maldives,,

guys I need some idea about working in Maldives, I got a job offer working there from a company that applied through online site (catererglobal.com) its under lillybeach resorts, after a conversation thru phone I received a employment offer from them I signed it and I sent some documents they need for the application of working visa(employment permit), then after 2 months of waiting finally I received a copy of my employment permit. then I asked them what are the  nxt steps after receiving my work permit they replied and told me that they will send me my plane tickets, so it means I will be departing from my country Philippines as tourist since I don't have the requirements to exit under employment visa then will present my employment permit upon arrival in Maldives, I would like to know what are the things I can do to exit in the Philippines and I would not be questioned by the Philippines immigration? and is it safe for to travel without those travel documents from POEA OWWA etc.?

As you where saying that you have your work permit.. you don't need to use a tourist visa and you don't need to exit from maldives to philippines..

no dear my concern is since I will be departing without OEC from POEA and some documents I need to present to Philippine immigration at the airport means I will exit Philippines as tourist in Maldives,, I know that working visa will be issued upon arrival and I just need to show my working permit, im just worried about my exit here in the Philippines, you know the government required us to have those travel documents such as OEC, med, certificate etc,, :(

Hello Cami,

You dont need those documents. You can depart from Philippines as tourist and can show your work permit copy in Maldives immigration, as Maldives immigration dont see are dont care about the papers of Philippines. They will already have your work permit in their database.

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Hi hari. Thanks for the reply.. according to my employer I will be travelling with filipino colleagues. Now I am kinda relive. Hopefully everything goes well.

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Everything will be fine.. All the best.. by the way you are going to work in Lily Beach Resort?

Hi Cami,

I'm not here to make you bothered but just to give fairly advise, to.make it so sure for you to not getting any problem in phil immigration, it is better to get the oec prior your departure, it will take the most 2 weeks but this will give you a peace of mind. My friend even she has round trip ticket and accommodation reservation, they
off load her. To make the story short, she didn't make it. She don't have a choice but to get the oec..now she's her...

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Are you already in the Maldives? Could you give me an idea about staff accommodation/salaries in your resort? I have applied for a position at Lily Beach resort. Would like to have some info.


Hi alensia, im.not yet in maldives. Ive been offloaded on my first try to travel as a tourist.
Lily beach is a nice company as per my colleagues whose already in maldives their accommodation is nice though if I am not mistaken you applied in the same resort that is under lily beach company like mine. And if that so. You just need to prepare your self to work in a longer hours since its a re opening property. Food is free and housing.  About the salary. I think those who have a working experienced on the same field of work have a higher offer. And I think they give a higher offer compare in UAE. and I think service charge is higher as well thats what they said.

Thanks very much Cami. Hope I would get the job. Just curious; you have already received a valid work permit so why have you been offloaded then? Did you withdraw your contract afterwards?

You're most welcome.. actually this is the situation.  I have a valid work permit once i arrive in maldives.and I will travel as a tourist and not as an  OFW.  since our government requires us to have some documents like OEC, PDOS etc and lily beach cant fixed it. I need to travel as tourist liked what I've mentioned. Thats the reason why I got offloaded .though some of my colleagues successfully departed on the same day as mine..

I got ya. Hope everything will be sorted out soon. Good luck to you dear! Thanks.

You too.. Goodluck. . Thanks.. :)


what documents did u submit to get your work permit in Maldives.


Hi Cami. Are you in maldives already?

Hai cami .. I just want to ask if your already bin Maldives

Hey.. Can anyone advise how is it to work in Baros? Thank you

Nice resort 20 mins speedboat  drive to the capital city.  It's luxury 5 * resort.  Best service  really good to work @ baros

Hi, Are you in Maldives already? I am planning to work there as well.. How is life there?

Cami hi

R u n in maldvs now?

Maldives is a good place to work in. People are really helpful and supportive.

It is also a great place to save some money as well.

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