where can i find vegetable market in Beijing?

Hi every one ,i just move to Beijing today my third day,I'm living in shunyi district are there vegetable market close to shunyi ,and same time how i can reach for downtown of Beijing from shunyi.
thanks in advance

Where in Shunyi (approximate / name of compound) please not full details.

To get to downtown  -Easiest is a taxi, cheapest is the subway.

I have no idea where you are but maybe the nearest subway to you is the Exhibition Center station.

thx for answer, i'm living near Monet garden, today i was walking and i found wu mart mall it was nice shopping and cheaper than euro plaza,but i would like to know  if there 's more market in Shunyi

Hi , have u found the veg market ? I guess there r some markets and supermarkets near all the communities. Shunyi is a big area though. U can take subway or bus .. U live near the airport?

Thank you alot ,i found market in Houshayu

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