Good place to live in China while teaching

Hello forum!!
I am going to be teaching english in China and I am in the middle of deciding which city to spend a whole year of my life teaching english in.
I guess Im after a city that isn't a concrete jungle, that at least has nice scenery, like mountains, forests, lakes, and has a nice natural environment, also moderate air pollution, doesn't have to be perfect but at least breathable and you dont have to walk outside with a mask on all the time, also somewhere that has a decent number of sunny days, not too much rainy weather, and somewhere that is open and friendly to foreigners, also a city that just has that special "wow" factor, and it has that special buzz about it. I'm really after a great experience in China so Im hoping for a city that can give me that.
I hope I can get some great suggestions:
I have a list of cities that I have gathered from other research on the internet, please fell free to comment on the positives and the negatives of each if you have lived in any of these cities in China,


(Im open to other suggestions)

If you like to enjoy life and meet people from  all nationalities then come to shanghai. The other cities are also good but they would suit you if you prefer a quite lifestyle.

I think Tianjin is a nice place to live and work, I had been several years in Tianjin. There is Haihe river flowing through Tianjin City; over ten parks here and there across Tianjin;  mountains standing in Ji county, Tianjin; also pepole with great hospitality . Besides, there are international companies and schools where you can be offered some working opputunities. In a word , i think it's not a bad thing to live in Tianjin.

I highly recommend Suzhou, Jiangsu. Its not far from Shanghai. Has a nice old town with canals and gardens and a new expanding industrial zone. It is easy to get around with it now having 2 running metro lines, taxi's in abundance, and several bus routes. The air is reasonably good, and there is an active and expanding expat community.

I gave my first teaching year here in China living in Suzhou. While I have since moved into Nantong, Jiangsu to teach, Suzhou still has a strong place in my heart, and I make regular visits there.

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