WIll a 3K USD monthly salary enough to save in Ulsan?


I am presently working as a Contract Administrator for Hyundai Heavy Industries in Bahrain Project. I've been here for 2.5 years now.

I am earning 2800 USD per month here. The company provides food, housing, transportation. I do save relatively enough as the commodities here are pretty cheap. I can send, therefore, my savings back home to my family. I am living here alone.

Fortunately, our Head Office in Ulsan asks me to transfer there. Fortunately i mean because of a better climate, a wider exposure and a chance for longer work tenure.

The salary would be increased by 200 USD i.e.3000 USD/month. I have read a lot of Articles about the cost of living. Enormous as I can describe it (though my basic expense will also be provided by the company). Comparatively, prices of clothes, entertainment, electronics in the middle east would be a little less than half of the prices in Ulsan.

And since I will be living as a bachelor, I need to spend time out a night or during weekends to unwind. But I need to bring a bulk of cash with the prices I discovered.

Now I am in a dilemma - either to stay in Bahrain for practical reason or to move to Ulsan, where possible bigger opportunity may come.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Hi Larry,

I can totally understand your situation which essentially raised a dilemma to move to Ulsan,Korea or not.

I will try to answer your queries in an efficient way:

1. Working in Head office is definitely a plus point for your career growth.Since you are working with a korean company and moving to korea to work would be good idea.

2. You can save 2000 USD + per month staying in places like Ulsan. It is not like Seoul where the living cost is high compared to the other secondary cities in Korea. I am getting 2900 USD (actual pay is in KRW and this is after deductions) and I am living with my wife. We end up spending 1000-1200 USD every month. Since you are bachelor, this would be less as per your city. I am living near to Seoul , a place called Bucheon and living cost is same as Seoul.

3. Again, Your monthly savings totally depend on your life style. If you are into lavish life style and spendthrifting natured person. Chances of saving money will be less in that case.

4. If company provides housing,food and transportation, you can save a lot.

5. Most important thing is the quality of life. I dont know about the living conditions in terms of life security in bahrain. In Korea, life is cool and no threats to life atleast when compared to other parts of the world.

6. Many foreginers coming here to teach english or do some other job for some time and exploring the nature in the Korean peninsula.

Finally point to add is that the Korea is definitely not a better place to settle down. It is good to stay for few years, make money and explore, enjoy the culture etc.

I hope my reply is satisfactory to you without leading to any further confusion.


Hi Rudolf,

The information you shared is indeed wonderful. It brings light to my doubts whether to move to Korea or stay in Bahrain.

I wish you can share more of your experiences  in Korea -  including the taboos, as these are the basic things I needed to learn before moving to Middle East back then.

Though I have been working with Korean people for the past two years now, I do not perceive any "true" Korean life in them, as they are basically restricted by the Arab norms and laws here in Bahrain.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy more your stay there in Korea.



Hello Larry,
Thanks for the appreciating note. You dont need to worry at all about the things you must or should prepare before in hand. You can definitely enjoy the life style as it is full of freedom,liberty and not like restrictions imposed based on middle age laws and rules. I guess you are from latin community. If so , you can find lot of people from the south american continent and I hope you gonna enjoy your life here...
One thing to bring into your attention is that the oriental thinking of the asian people, the korean. Again, the young generation in korea are more open minded (not to confuse with broad minded),easy going nature with own preset of  boundations  (not to confuse with jovial nature). But , overall, I say that the koreans are the best among all the asian races for their friendly,helping,kind nature. Perhaps, this is the case only towards foreigners and their attitude towards fellow country people is something different. When it comes to the point of nationalism, they prefer to take the side of their own flock whether it is right or wrong, I guess, this is too much for you to know at this depth. If you come to korea, you can experience all these things by yours.  I see you as keen observer of the people and the society.

Feel free to ask me further,if you have any doubts.

Best Regards

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