hoe to send money to phils??

its my first time here at china. i am located at pudong, shanghai, what  is the best way to send money and if you have locations that would be very helpful!.. thanks .. looking forward foe your responses..

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Hope some members over there will soon give you some advice to how to send money to philipinnes.

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I have sent money a few times to Philippians.  I have researched many sites online but they all have some problems and most still need the person to go to a branch location where their site is enlisted.  Therefore I have found the best and easiest way is to send via Western Union or send by direct bank to bank deposit.

go to the bank nearest to your location and ask them if they have western union.Foreigners are allowed to buy 500.00 USD a day.
500 usd- 15.00 usd charge
1000-1,500 usd- 25 usd charge