How do you guys transfer money to family overseas?

We apps do you use?
Any good recommendation?
I've tried X00M, it was good at the beginning, now it always put my transitions on hold......SMH!

Thank you so much everyone!

Money can be transferred by Western Union if you want to. However, the best thing is to have a shared bank account. Your family can withdraw from it as needed.

wechay pay, alipay have these functions

I only know about transfer to Europe. If you have a Chinese bank account, ask your bank. All you need is to go to the tax office and get a form certifying you have paid your tax, the bank needs to see this document. Be ready to spend 1 hour at the bank. Transfer to Europe is fast (2-3 days) and cheap (25-100 RMB whatever the amount at Merchant's bank), exchange rate is the actual current one. WeChat pay is not available abroad.

Can you make international transfers from China to a bank in another continent?
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