Are there any English speaking expats in Mauritania?

Hello to all visitors of the forum :)
I see you are a huge number of visitors but not many action or discussion out here which leads me to the question in subject: is there any English speaking expat community in Mauritania?
If yes, where are you located?
We'd be interested in your feedback because we'd like to create new forums for the towns where expat community is strong!
Thanks and hope to read you very soon!

I am an English speaker in Mauritania, I don't know if there are any more though. Would like to find out.:D

Hello Smudge2003,

Since how long do you live in Mauritania? What brought you there?

Re other English speaker, you might want to check out the Mauritania expat network!

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply.

I checked the network already.

I am working here as an Engineer I have been here for 4 days so far.

What about you? are you in Mauritania or UAE?

Oh! well good luck for this new adventure. Hope you'll make some nice experiences in this country.

Mmmmh! Yes I am in UAE.


I spent 4yrs in Dubai before coming here

hi there
i am mauritanian living in australia i wold like to found if there any mauritanian living in australia

Hi, I am one in hundreds..

@atar I don't think So baby