Found a fantastic place for fresh fruit juice!

Hello all,

so I've been in Beijing for a little over a year now.
I was visiting a friend that lives in the Chaoyang district and we walked through CBD park.  While there we stopped at a juice shop called iF Juice.  The store was very pleasant and clean.  We ordered some juices and I have to say they were absolutely amazing.  This stuff is so good, it's better than what I make at home, honestly!  They have a lot of different flavors along with veggie juices.  If you're looking for an extremely healthy and fresh drink, look no further.  I believe they do delivery as well.  Check this shop out if you're in the neighborhood.  It's not one to be missed.

IF juice does make the best fruit juices in Beijing!  But since they only have one store in Beijing (outside of their bottled juices sold in April Gourmet), here's a list of other places to get really fresh squeezed fruit juices.

great link Tonyl - in fact one of the best lists I've seen to date

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