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Hello everybody,

We will have the first baby in oct and maybe we will move to another country at beginning of next year. We would like to buy some accessories for baby ( second hand) as bed, chair in car, ..... Please advise us information if you need sell them or you know where we can buy it with many thank
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You should check in the classifieds section for these stuff dear  :) … stuff.html

Thanks for your information.

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Hi My,

You can check saigonexpat. I saw so selling many children stuffs.

Good luck.

Dear friend,

Many thanks for your advise


I have Quinny moodd baby - pushchair. Bought in SALES in Japan-new 100%- full assessories with box,  Black color - want to sell with price 450 USD. if you are interested pls contact my email: [email protected]. you can go to my house in Dist Tan Binh to check. Thanks

Hello everyone,

@hangjpan > You should post your advert in the baby or kids accessories in Ho Chi Minh City section.

Thank you.