looking for my new home... costa rica or equador. or???

:/ im looking for a place to live later in life.. like next year.. ha ha.

Costa Rica has a better futball team.

mgm02 wrote:

:/ im looking for a place to live later in life.. like next year.. ha ha.

ha ha.  Perhaps you should check out the blog Edd Said, by a man who used to live in Vegas and moved to Cuenca, EC.

that is my 2nd choice , yes I will check out Equador.

Looked at both and ended up in the Dominican Republic.  Have not looked back for a second.

Bob K

Ecuador has bigger turtles.

Hello Bill,
I'm interested in moving to Equador.. I was thinking Costa Rica as well.. but I need my $'s to stretch and I think Equador is cheaper.. I'm also interested in Belize.. english is the first language, you can own property, and it looks like a very beautiful country.. lots of water frontage. 

How would you like to share information.. it's a bit daunting making the move, but i am very determined.. I'm a female, I live in Canada, near Toronto and I dislike the city, traffic and especially winter.. I want to be gone by this fall..end of November.. I would be interested in renting for the first 3-6 months to get a better understanding of life there.. where to live, etc. 

let me know how your search goes.


hi deb; sounds great , lets share info. maybe between both of us we will get it right. thanks.. talk to you soon.  .BILL

Hi Deb, its Bill from las vegas,nv. about Belize!!!!!  I'm sorry,but, I have heard to many bad things about Belize. I talk to people from all over the world right here in Las Vegas and met people from belize. I've had a co- worker from Belize.. she never talks about it. never . I won't say much on this forem, But, i'll look at other countries first.. :) let me know what you find out..  Bill

I am moving to Costa Rica to take early social security and retire, in early 2015.

I have looked at Panama - decided against it.

However I am still interested in looking at other - possibly cheaper - countries to live in, and am interested in Ecuador and I will take another look at Panama since I only saw part of it and had some bad luck perhaps on my first visit there.

I would have considered Mexico too if they hadn't let the drug cartels take over and let kidnapping become the national past time. Too bad.

Costa Rica is getting more expensive but I constantly argue with those who say "it's now as expensive as it is in the USA". That's simply not true. Health care is WAY cheaper in Costa Rica. Fruit and veges are a lot cheaper. Property is cheaper. (Tell me where I can buy an acre-and-a-half ocean view lot in the USA for under $60k and I'll buy it ASAP!)

The cost of living is going up, yes, but what country is it NOT going up in?

Costa Rica has a low rate of violent crimes, very friendly people, nature everywhere you look, and a more relaxed stress free lifestyle - except in some cases like when you're building a home or otherwise dealing with government bureaucracy. But the bureaucracy is not nearly as all-pervasive as it is in the USA.

As to cost of living, it very much depends on your lifestyle. If you live in Costa Rica and want to eat all the same food (i.e.; imported from the USA) and run a.c. 24/7, and have a swimming pool, etc. then yes it is going to cost the same as the USA. If on the other hand you live with just fans (not a.c.) (like you can in most areas) and eat the local food, it is generally much cheaper still in Costa Rica. Believe me, I know, I have lived there off and on and have friends who live there now, and I am going to be living there permanently next year (unless I decide to move somewhere like Ecuador instead).

hello, nice regards, dear I'm currently in South Asia, and I'm thinking of moving to equator as a place for life settlement, actually chine is not a place you can own property easily as a foreigner and the health care condition is not pleasant at all for children of even adults, so I wish to Kindly ask how it went with you over in equator. thank if you made it good or unfair please share . warm regards .
bill Camerooon

mgm02 wrote:

:/ im looking for a place to live later in life.. like next year.. ha ha.

one thing I did was check all of the warnings on the US State Department website.

I really wanted to retire in Central or South America or the Caribbean, but virtually every country I searched had some form of warning either because of crime or political unrest.

I'm choosing Vietnam, because it's super cheap and tropical beautiful, with no warnings on the State Department website, AND, unlike other countries in that region, doesn't seem to have much problem with earthquakes.

Good luck!

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