Everyday Life

Does anyone here has the same experienced with me?

I mean, for the past couple of years; the people here keep asking the same question over and over again.

" where are you from? " and " what is  your name? "

Everywhere,  wherever you go, all the time.

I just came to realized that it become their " national anthem".


hahahah Lol :D


Setimes you feel they are too friendly ... And some people just become so nosey depends on the situation .... And if you are moving around downtown they are just being friendly to get some tips

and here you are  posting the same thing more than one time,, I see the Egyptians teach you something new  :idontagree:

probably because you're a foreigner in Cairo? they want to know where you're from as a start...like it will be kinda weird if i see someone for the first time in my life and be like hey whats your deepest fears right? :)

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