Permanent residency in Fiji

Hi all, I have been looking at residency requirements for living in Fiji but am a little confused at the moment could someone please clarify?
Do you need to be 45 years and over to be able to buy a property for 100k FJD?
And to provide an income of 40k FJD per year?

Thank you for any info that anyone can provide.

We lived in vanuatu for about a year bought a business there and it didn't work out so had to move back to NZ but wanting to move back to an island and wanted info on Fiji before making any concrete decisions, my mum has lived there for 8 years now and we have visited a number of times so know what island life is about.

Hi Dayna & Dave

Fiji Immigration states if you have F$100K in a bank account in Fiji or if you buy a property which is valued over then F$100K you are entitled to get permits to reside on assured income.
I have moved alot of clients into Fiji coming with tourist visa finding a property buy it and we attach their immigration application forms requesting for their permits to reside.

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Hi bill
Thank you for emailing and clarifying it for me, could you also PM me to discuss more on the matter

Hi Dayna and Dave
          My name is Mel and I live in Nadi.
I dont think that you have to be forty five or over to settle here. You can come and settle or invest i n business here any time, as long as you can afford.
        I worked for a cuople from Australia and they did the same.
         You just follow the right channel and you done.
          Its beautiful here n you will love it. Its good to have business in Nadi because tourism are here all the time and all five stars hotel are based in this town.. you should come for a holiday,look around and decide. I think that's a gud idea.

Thank you Mel for that info, we will def come over and have a more detailed look around, we are looking forward to it.

Fiji is a good place to live and start a business.I think it owuld be better for yu to coem  for a visit so that you get to see the place for yorself and my be you will be able to speak to people about     business. Iam r not  a business person so       just  trying to give yu some tips
Thanks yu havea great day

> Do you need to be 45 years and over to be able to buy a property for 100k FJD?
> And to provide an income of 40k FJD per year?

Generally, no.  It depends on the type of residency permit you have.  There is a short-term work permit, investor permit, sponsored (contract) work permit, assured Income (retiree) permit, etc.  The requirements are all on this website (scroll down that page - some links there don't work):

I'm in Fiji on an Assured Income permit.  No age requirement.  Can buy property.  Need to show sufficient assets and/or income from overseas.  Not allowed to work in Fiji.   Renews every 3 years.  This permit is easy to acquire yourself - no need to hire anyone to 'help' you.

If you want to work in Fiji, you'd need to either start a business here (invest) or find a company to sponsor you with a work contract.

If you have some money, Fiji is an easy place to get residence, but very difficult to get any employment. You need to have investment income, or sufficient capital to start a new business.

What you are mentioning is a 'Residence Permit on Assured Income'


"Permit type 9.0 Residence Permit on Assured Income

9.1 Definition

(a) A Residence Permit on assured income under Section 48 of the Immigration Regulations, 2007 may be issued to a person who has assets outside the Fiji Islands at his/her disposal of an amount sufficient to ensure that he/she will not become a charge on public funds whilst residing in Fiji. Authority is under Section 9 (2) (b) of the Immigration Act 2003

9.2 Requirements

(a) A properly filled in application in the official form provided by the Immigration Department.

(b) Police reports in respect of the applicant from the country of citizenship and/or residence where he or she lived for twelve (12) months or more in the last ten (10) years.

(c) Medical report conducted within three (3) months or less from the date of application.

(d) Certified copies of the applicants passport/s (bio-data page).

(e) Evidence of funds as assured income, and a current valuation of other assets.

(f) The requisite fee."


Permit type 4.0 Investor Permit for Non-Citizen Investors

4.1 Definition

(a) Investor Permit is granted to non-citizen investors to be engaged in a business project approved by the Fiji Islands Trade and Investment Bureau (FTIB). FTIB approval is via the issuance of a Foreign Investment Certificate (FIC). Authority is under Section 9(2)(c) of the Immigration Act, 2003.

4.2 Requirements

(a) A Fiji Trade and Investment Bureaus investment approval letter clearly stating the shareholding structure.

(b) A certified copy of Foreign Investment Certificate issued by FTIB.

(c) A properly filled in application in the official form provided by the Immigration Department.

(d) Certified copies of the applicants passport/s (bio-data page).

(e) Police reports in respect of the applicant from the country of citizenship and/or residence where he/she lived for twelve (12) months or more in the last ten (10) years.

(f) Medical reports conducted within three (3) months or less from the date of application.

(g) The requisite fee.


You will find Fiji Immigration very slow to respond to any queries, particularly over the phone.

Office hours are 09:00-17:00, but don't waste your time calling before 9:30, between 12:30 - 14:00 or after 16:00!

If you have any legal connection in Suva, have them make the approach on your behalf.

Personal taxes are low here but there are onerous currency restrictions, and import and customs duties can be up to 32%. Lots of opportunity here, but serious due diligence required before committing to a business of any kind, or you can find yourself working as a volunteer tax collector for FRCA.

Contacts below:

Postal Address:
Department of Immigration
P. O. Box 2224
Government Buildings

Office Address:
Department of Immigration (Head Office)
969 Rodwell Rd

Ph: +(679) 3312672
Fax: +(679) 3301653


Hi Mel
What business do you work for and do they need staff as I have just move here and trying to fine a job

I would like to do small retail business. taking one rental shop and start the business in there after some time we buy own shop in there

Hi ! Please I'm sorry for intruding like this , it's because i've exhausted all options . I'm a Nigerian (still in Nigeria ) , i'm making plans to come to Fiji . My main purpose is to get Fiji residence permit so i can be able to apply for Chinese visa . I've made inquiries from Chinese Embassy ( i spoke with them on phone ) . They told me that if i could get a Fiji residence permit then they can issue me a 1 month Chinese visa to go buy goods . It's so very very difficult to get Chinese visa from here in Nigeria at the Chinese Embassy, believe me i've tried lots of time . So, please could you all help me make inquiry or get me a direct phone contact or email contact of a good agent that help me get the permit . Thanks a lot

bula dayne and dave

fiji is the most difficult country to start small business in this area
i myself learned it the hard way and lost a lot of money to the government
if you have big money it would be easier and maybe more feasible
also take in consideration foreign restriction to be involved in certain businesses

to establish a small businesses is very costy and guarantee of success is very small
loosing money will be the end of the story as present and history shows
to crack certain markets is almost impossible as the community is to small and without connection failure is programmed and without long financial backup  1 -2 years ....

hope you find another pacific adventure which is may more convinent to start a business

hey i have 100k fjd and i want to get a pr asap. explain me the entire procedure please in details

arshad106, read the earlier replies in this thread and let us know what you don't understand.

Hi some should help me to understand how I get residents permit in fiji . Is my favorite dream country . I am mechanical engineering and I want to aquire more to the help others in life .thanks for some one who will hear me and explain.

Buying the property (house/ land) in Fiji as a foreigner who's not living there, which permit will it be granted to the buyer? Assured Income permit or the Investor permit?
How's the difference between them?
Also, after buying the property, can it be rented out as well?

Depends on many things:
your current nationality/citizenship
Your age
how much time per year you intend to spend in Fiji
if you have a spouse or close relative who is a Fiji citizen
the mechanism of purchase
your assets
your income
how much money you intend to bring into the Fijian economy

If it's an investor class permit and you intend to operate your property as a tourism/hospitality business then you may be required to establish a ltd liability company in Fiji and go through the foreign investment approvals process with FRCA (Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority - [url=[/url]) and the FTIB (Fiji Trade Investment Board

If you have a friend who has successfully invested in Fiji then you can get a referral for a good Fiji-based solicitor and accountant - you will need the services of both.

Your bank may also be able to offer assistance - If you bank with BRED, ANZ, Westpac or Baroda they have a strong presence in Fiji.

Doing business in Fiji is slow and complicated. The govt rules and regulations change often and are highly frustrating to both local and expat business people.

It's a  topic of sufficient complexity that you do not want to rely on forum advice for!

Best of luck.

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:)  HI Bill! Are you still helping people to get into Fiji? If so, please send me some information to get in touch with you. By the way, when an ex pat buys the property, does he or she pay an amount on the property and proceed to pay for it monthly as one would do a house here in America, or is the whole amount due at purchase?

If I come with one of my adult children, would he or she also have to buy a separate property of the same amount to reside in Fiji, or could we both buy one house together and both stay in Fiji because of it. We also want to start a small business there eventually.

Do you know a company to consult so that we could get about 10 boxes of household necessities, etc.  there: such as kitchen mixer, desk top computers, etc.? We do not know how to ship our stuff economically because we do not yet have an address to ship our stuff to in Fiji.   We have to ship it while we are still here in America because it is too expensive to come to Fiji buy a house and then ship our stuff to it.

Thanks for any information you can give.

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Hi everyone,

@ Katydid7777,

I suggest you start a new thread on the Fiji forum so that you may get some feedbacks. This one is quite old.

You can also contact our partner and request a free quote : Moving services in Fiji

All the best,

:) Bill I would love for you to help me and my adult daughter get into Fiji. Please reply.



:top: Thanks Bhava!

:top: Thanks Bhavna. Sorry that I did not spell your name correctly on my other post.


Can anyone help with accommodation for me-I am coming over to do volunteer teaching for 3 months in December in the Suva area and need a homestay or cheap room...any suggestions would be most welcome

Hey everyone,

I have joined recently and I found this thread. I wish to settle in Fiji too, which documents are required to buy a property in Fiji to gain residency, such as income tax papers etc.
Please let me know about it.

Thank you
Kind Regards

My parents want to apply fiji resident permit on assured income, Can you pls tell me any lawyer or agent would apply for it on our behalf? If apply by ourself, can we lodge the application without medical report (we prefer to do the medical report at Fiji), Thx. I am looking forward to your reply and help.

all you need to do is come over fiji on tourist/visitor and apply for reside permit on assure income with medical report issued in fiji, … es#permits … permit.pdf
you will see the medical form to be filled by fijian examiner and make sure you bring your latest PCC from your back country of resident for every one who are applying for resident permit on assure income.

have a great day

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