Obtaining Student visa at Age 35 for Level 7 course

Dear All,
I'm planning to apply for a student visa for a "Diploma in Business" level 7 course, In fact I'm 35 years old & I had finished my "Professional Diploma" (level 6) around 2005. I'm directly in touch with some NZ colleges & planning to apply visa by my self,basically without an agent, currently I'm working in a reputed company in Middle east...therefore I would like to know as per your experiences whether I'll be considered by INZ as a bona fide student, I know it's at discretion of the Immi officer  :) , but I would like to hear from you guys/gals experiences as it will meant lot to me,,,,looking forward to hear from you people, 

thnx a lot...

I think there may well be an age limit for student visas. I suggest you contact the immigration dept or look online at
www.immigration.govt.nz for the information.

Hi Stumpy,
thanks for same, in fact I had browse thru whole IMMI.NZ up n down  :) , but couldn't found any age limit for student visa, even the other attached sites such as DOL, NZQA,  I'm looking for real live experience of the people who obtain student visa at this age for a level 7 or a below course. hope someone can help me prior deciding to proceed.


Could be the learning institutions themselves that impose an age restriction for overseas students. Perhaps contact some and find out.

At your age 35, you can apply for student visa provided you meet the requirements.  there were students at age 47 or older who did study in NZ.  being an international student in NZ is considered a temporary visit, therefore, as long as you meet the immigration requirements then you it is possible.

All the best.