Hi! Any advice is appreciated. Thanks :)

Hi my names Sandy, and I'm from Australia. I want to move to Cambodia for a couple of months to study the history and spoken language. Does anyone know how to go about this? & do they have any schools or tutors in Phnom Penh that can speak fluent English so they'd be able to explain thoroughly for me?

I'd also like to work, preferably in a bar owned by westerners. Is there any such places at all?

Also, would there be any nice westernised apartments in Riverside that doesn't have a condition of 1 year rental minimums? Just planning for a couple of months.

Hi Sandy, there is a university call Royal Of Phnom Penh University. You may register to with them as you arrive here in Phnom Penh. There are many western bars, guest houses and clubs that you get part time or even full time job with. I have a one bed apartment for rent which willing to go by monthly instead of yearly. You may reach me at +855 92285008 for more detail.

Wow! Thank you so much! I will contact you for more details on the matter of the apartment. Thank you so much. :)

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Hi sandy
I am also new in Cambodia n starting my business in phnom penh ist of all I am starting mini mart in bkk1 a very nice n posh area in pp if u r interested to work with me Pl sent  me your cv n when u reach contact me may be i arrange living 4 u also my email mail I'd is abdulrazzak389[at]gmail.com


The EFEO center in Siem Reap which was founded in 1907 has a wealth of information. I spent many hours last year in the free library which is open to the public. I can give you some additional info if you like as well as ridiculously low priced guest houses where I've stayed for months at a time.

Good Luck....Mike

As long as you are used to the heat and the different types of people.

Be sure you are not a heavy drinker ... you won't last long if you are , the heat

will dehydrate you bad.


To answer some of you're questions yes there are many western English speaking owners of bars and restaurants in PP, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Kampot ...everywhere you go throughout Cambodia, there are also thousands of private tutors and many many institutions to study the language. You can start by looking on utube for many free Khmer lessons and you should have no problem finding Khmer people who will help you learn the language for free in exchange for helping them practice their English.
The best English speaking native Khmer people I've met have attended ACE school both in PP and SR. It seems to me that this school prepares it's students to be completely fluent English speakers. I know Khmer people pay $30-$40 per month to get 5 days per week 1 hour a day private tutoring so it's very inexpensive to pay for lessons if that is your thing. As far as housing goes check out a couple of my friends Richard (owner) and Pen manager of AusFit gym in PP they network and are both fluent English speakers who can let you locate an apt. In SR I have a brand new guest house tub/shower aircon flat panel tv cable and breakfast where I paid $280 per month owner Andy is a Brit and his wife veleck is Khmer fluent English speaker and many of the guest are teachers let me know if you want contact info for anyone

Hope this helps a bit....

Hello Ms Sandy. How are you? My name is Pheakdey.  I am 22 year old. I am learning Architect at Norton University.  I live in Phnom Penh , Cambodia. I can be friend with you. I looking some friend for practice my English. when you arrive Cambodia . Can you contact me?
Thank you
From  : Chhim Pheakdey

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