Viagra and similar brands? Do they seek here in phil??

Have seen these in Asia ads but not in Phil ! Are they not SOLD here ??

The pills are available here in the Philippines, but only at certain larger drug stores.  The other down side is they are 25.00USD a pill.  They are just super expensive here.  I had talked to my doctor here when I moved here, and that is how I found out about the availability and cost.  About a year ago he gave me some samples of  "SILDENAFIL (ANDROS) 50 mg Tablet", which is more available here and does the same thing.  It is prescribed to control blood pressure here.  Check with your local doctor about getting some if you need it.  It is manufactured here in the Philippines and works great.
Hope this helps, RAC

Thank you for this ... On another note can u recommend any lawyer here that is creative  and reasonably priced! Thanks for your good info !!

Sorry, only know of one here in Ormoc and he just did notarization for us.  Not sure how reliable or honest they are.

Well checked out your recommendation and the pharmacies want 290 pesos a pill!

Better than the 850php they wanted for one Levitra or Viagra pill.!!

Well I will be adding a business here !

The most commercialize pill similar to viagra is the Robust. 50php/pill and sold in all leading drugstore and SM supermarkets. ~

Asking an internet forum for information about viagra and lawyers does not bode well.

Hi You can Purchase Viagra or Cialis , Or Similar In Angeles or the streets of Manila or Cebu For 100 pesos for a pack of 4 pills

I used to buy Viagra but now use a much less expensive herbal product which is just as good. If you would like information please message me.

Ahh You Live in Cagayon De Oro its a nice Place , I plan to Visit there again .. What is the herbal or natural capsule that you mentioned ,.. sometimes we need that Help on an  athletic night ... cheers

Product is "Impeous Man"

I have used Sildenafil for several years in the Ph,, buying them at Watsons. They work geat for me, with no side effects. Far cheaper than Viagra. They ask sometimes for a doctor's prescription, but after they know me, no problem.
U buy the 100 mg, and break in two. Use the least amount needed.

The legal system there is evidently different than the US. My rental lease had nothing in it to protect the tenant, and everything to protect the landlord. One specific clause in the lease said that the landlord was not responsible for any damage to the tenant's property due to any accidents or acts of god, like an earthquake or fire. When I asked her who was responsible to repair or replace an appliance that stopped working, she said she interpreted that clause about damage to mean that she was not responsible !! When I questioned her interpretation, she claimed her lawyer agreed with her !! Amazing !! I guess the truth is the law there means what those who have power say it means.

I don't think I paid that much at Watsons at the SM mall Fairview, Quezon City. Seems like it was more like $3 US a pill, or about 133 Php.

I hope no one buys these pills on the streets. DUH !! They will most likely be black market pills, and god knows what is in them.

Sounds like a counterfeit pill from who-knows-where, and who knows what it contains. Be careful, very careful!

Yes, you can buy Viagra in the Philippines at Rose Pharmacy in most cities.

Never heard of Rose pharmacy. Where are they located? In some malls? In Quezon City near Manila the pharmacy everywhere is Watsons, and a few Mercury drugs..

Silendifil has the same ingredients as Viagra but much cheaper. It works well for me.

Guys its not hard to find these products here in phiippines and rates are vary due to availibilty and your needs.
i mention before one contact ** txt it might help if u r in need or check many seller there.

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MilDoc819 wrote:

Sounds like a counterfeit pill from who-knows-where, and who knows what it contains. Be careful, very careful!

You are very right but it is always difficult to find real product if it is not allow to sell by law.

Yes, Sildenafil is the way that it is best to purchase it, since Sildenafil is basically the generic Viagra. I am not familiar with drugstores in Manila, but Sildenafil can be purchased somewhere there, I am sure. Mike

I've seen them too on my last trip to Cebu

I would love to know about the herbal products

its in manila. they called it "high-drugs" or "high-pills" a combo of viagra-shabu-ecstacy.

iceman_reman wrote:

its in manila. they called it "high-drugs" or "high-pills" a combo of viagra-shabu-ecstacy.

If you really mean ecstacy, anyone that takes this is CRAZY! If you wish to risk extreme high blood pressure, hart rhythm abnormalities, and instant death, be my guest!

MarioMaarte wrote:

I would love to know about the herbal products

Always an interesting question. I am a retired doctor with severe ED that responded to nothing including direct injections of Caverject. So I now have an implant. But I have searched everything on ED for years. BTW, I will not debate anyone on my opinions expressed here. Do your own Google research on GOOD reliable medical and clinical sites if you wish! Oh, and please excuse my bad 2 finger typing!

First:  silendafil is generic Viagara. May not work for all men. Do NOT use if you use nitrates for angina, Ketoconazol and others for fungal infections, erythromycin and other antibiotics in the same class, or cimetadine (Tagamet) for acid stomach and heartburn.
I would ONLY buy at a known pharmacy, NEVER on the street! You will not know what you are getting!

Herbals: Over the counter medicines are not regulated in the US at all. A few Europen countries do much better with regulation and testing. They thus do NOT have to submit evidence of effectiveness and safety or maximum safe dose to take. As with Viagara, they may work for some men but probably not for most. There is very litlle  clnical evidence from good reliable testing that any ED herbals work or are safe.

ROBUST is a natural herbal product made from several flowers etc. And the claims made on the label are not supported by any research. There IS some evidence from one placebo controlled trial that it may work for ED caused by depression, which says nothing about other causes of ED.

ARGINMAX: a mix of arginine, ginko, and Korean red ginseng. One study from Hawaii showed it worked pretty well in 75% of men when compared to placebo. This is probably due to the L-arginine, since another study that gave 5,000 mg a day for 6 weeks found it worked OK  in 37% of men. BUT there are other studies of L-arginine showing no effect.

KOREAN RED GINSENG (note the word RED!): which has been steamed and heat dried. One study gave 1,800 mg a day showed effectiveness in 60% of 90 patients but was not completely good for ED in all. Unlike most meds that increase amount or sensitivity to nitric oxide, probably works on increasing blood flow. Most studies do show some effectiveness. What medically is called a Systematic Review that looked at many studies stated that there is "suggestive evidence" that it works.

IMPEOUS MAN: Claims it can increase the size of the penis. NO product ever studied, including this one can EVER do that permanently. It also claims to stimulate a growth gland in turn regenerates the Corpus Cavernosum tissue. What compete HOGWASH!  I could not find ANY site that lists the ingredients in Impeous Man, nor ANY clinical studies. Would I take it. No. Up to you.

There are others I know of but time for sleep. If you have questions respond here.

There is a good natural product here in Australia called Stallion XL look it up online they post it out to you.

i am not promoting it but fyi, there's a lot here in cebu city.

stumpy wrote:

There is a good natural product here in Australia called Stallion XL look it up online they post it out to you.

Stallion XL contains Panax (that is Korean Red Ginseng), L-Arginine, and ginkgo (see above for all 3), all shown to be relatively effective. The other ingredients have very limited evidence. So as with all herbals will work for some not others, and it may take some time taken daily to work for some.

I have researched many products. It is very much an individual choice. The best way is to try each and see which works best for you.

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what the name of the herbal that better than viagra

I have used "Impious Man" for several years now. For me it is better than Viagra and costs significantly less. It is manufactured in the USA.

i have mambo 36 from dominic repablic

mambo 36 very good yes

There was one store in Cebu but it was closed. But if you want to sell some, you have to open up a legal pharmacy. :)

Look out for a Generic store in the Philippines they do sildenafil citrate 50mg in boxes of 4 tablets for 400 pesos made by rite med. That's only 100 pesos a pill and its safer than buying off a street vender because you hopefully know what's in it. I've given them a blast and are as good as brand Viagra ( massive saving) or online kamagra.
Next time I'm in I'm going to ask if they do Cialis as prices are so cheap. Write down sildenafil nitrate 50mg on a piece of paper and hand it to the girl on the counter and she will check on the computer what they've got in stock. I've not tried ordering online now not at these prices. As of 01 sept 2016.