French Indonesian family just arrived in Kifisia

i am indonesian, i am musician, just arrived 4 days ago with my family, looking for new friends in music and looking for a job as well.

Bonjour Victoria,

Maybe you can contact this musician Athens
He's a musician like yourself, he is often busking his heart out in Monastiraki. You can also check out his Youtube channel :you tube channel Lazarus Blue note

Bonne continuation :)

Thank you Emka.
I will try.
By the way where do you live now?

I'm still living in Athens :)

Where are you coming from? How long have you been living in Athens?


Kifisia is an area for wealthy ppl.. ;)

Yes. We are living in Kifisia

Hi victoria, hope your are are well

My name is Alexandre I am 20, I am arrived 2 week ago in Athens. I come from France (Toulouse).
I am a musician too and I would like met people in athens to past enjoy time :)

If you are still interested you can contact me directly  by mail: mounicalexandre[at] or facebook: tahiticoco moumou

All the best


Bonjour Alex.
Very nice to have another feed back from a musician !!
I will contact you as soon as i arrive home (On the way with SNCF now to Rennes).
But tomorrow i'll fly back to Athens.

Have a good day !

Ok, have a good trip, and see you soon

have a good day

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