I don't want to teach or work in childcare but I can't speak Greek

I have been working in a private nursery in Cholargos since mid September and I hate it. I am desperate to find a job that doesn't involve childcare or teaching as I am not a teacher and working with so many children is not what I want to do at all.

The place I work is chaotic - there are not enough staff even though the manager can afford more people... the current staff are well over worked and there is a horrible atmosphere all day. I work for 8 hours straight and don't get a break and I have to look after ten 2yr olds by myself for most of the day. I have no qualifications in childcare and no experience caring for this many infants alone and I get spoken to like crap and told that I'm not doing enough.

I am on the books at the school as a cleaner because it is illegal for them to have an unqualified person with the children. I am completely taken advantage of and I feel I am not accepted because I am not Greek.

So I was hoping if anyone has any suggestions as to other work I can look for...

I have a diploma in business enterprise and a lot of customer service-focused retail experience. I can only speak English and understand a little Greek.

Hi Miss Jackson,

I am french, I have been living in Greece for the past 15 years, I have a Business degree from Westminster, and I have NEVER worked in my field in Greece, I have also been used and treated badly from my past employers. I know that does help you but believe  here in Greece it is like this for most of the foreigners (and problably greek also).
I am currently unemployed and I cannot find a new job, I speak french english and greek but it doesn't help me at all !

Good luck for a new job

take care


sorry to hear of your past experiences Nath. The only reason I am in Greece is to be with my Greek boyfriend... I would go back to England tomorrow otherwise...

I am married to a greek, so I know how you feel.....and I have a child, life is bad here, the same for me, I would be back in France if I could.......



It's really bad to read all these. Please, note, that many Greeks are not like that, but i guess you know that since you are dating/married to Greeks.
The sitiation is really bad in Greece now. So, employers are taking advantage of this situation and exploit people working for them. It's sad but it's true.
Why not have a talk with your companions and look about the option of leaving Greece. It will be much easier since you are coming from other countries. I am already examining my options even if i have a job.
I wish i could help you about any jobs but the truth is that job openings at the moment are way too few.
Best regards. kostas

I met my bf in England - we lived there together for nearly two years but he didn't like it. He has his own dental practice here now which is doing o.k...moving back to England is out of the question for him...

I've been a mess for the last 2 weeks because I am so home sick... I want to go home for a couple of weeks but if i do i will lose my job...

Can't you ask for a 2 weeks "time off" at Christmas??
I know it is difficult..........
Good luck...

I'm going home 23rd December till the 1st of Jan and they're pissed off about that.. because it's a school they have the whole of August off but having my holiday all in one is not good for me...

Anyway I am feeling better at the moment an am trying to think of ways I can work for myself so I can decide when I go home.. just with the way things are here it will be very difficult but I do really think there is a lot of potential here... it's just the mentality that keeps it stuck where it is...

work said I could go home for 2 weeks but they would look for someone to replace me

miss jackson can you give me your email??
I used to work with kids ...



miss Jackson, why don't you consider the possibility of working as an English teacher/proof-reader?

Good luck and have a great new year!

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