Shipping household goods from the Philippines to the US

You can always go home. The question is can you take your stuff with you?

You can find loads of companies in the US that ship to the Philippines. Going the other way seems to be a real problem. Depending on where you live in the Philippines it can be an even bigger problem.

I am looking for a reasonable priced shipping company to ship my household goods back to the US from the Philippines. Door to door would be most preferred but Door to port may be acceptable (if the price is that much better to give up the convenience).

Any discussion on this subject may prove to be helpful. I hope does not remove any links that someone may be able to provide. I understand they are not here to promote or sell any companies or their products but I am here for help. No help, I'm not here.

what a rip off is ASPEN STORAGE....You can rent a small one bedroom apartment for 6,000...

I have read some great advice on other subjects on the forum but not one for shipping out of the Philippines?

I've been here for just about five years and it has added up to be about four years too long. Good luck to those that think they want to retire here. More power to yah but I just want to get out while the getting is good and take my stuff with me.

The ones that ship from the US will most like ship back.  For my company, we use;

Crown, Asian Tigers, Santa Fe, Carepak, Nippon Express, Goetz. These are the professional movers, door to door. May not be the cheapest but you can send them an email and they will give you aquote for a standard container.  If not a full container, can ask to consolidate it for you.

This is from Manila so will need to check on your location. Davao is a major hub so should be ok. Would likely subcontract out the local move, but they have contractors for it.  A province way outside the major cities will be an issue.

Thank you for the response. I was about to cross this forum off my list and dump it out of my bookmarks.

I shipped my things here to the Philippine through Forexworld. Great company but they have no offices here in the Philippines, only local delivers. 

Davao is an international port but maybe due to it's closeness to troubled areas of Mindanao, it seems nothing is traveling directly from Davao to the US.

From the information you have given me I will use it as we leave from Manila. If I may ask. How long ago did you use a shipping company from the Philippines to the US and about how much you spent?

I cam to the Phils via Singapore. My wife moved back to SG and shipped about 1/2 container. It was about $3k.  The cost from SG to the US is not that much more as will be on bulk carrier and likely anything you ship will be transshipped from SG.

Just send them an email and they will give you a quote and they will range quite a bit.

I am in the same boat. I am about to move back to the U.S., but it would really not be cost effective for me to move anything back. However, I can say that if you are willing to broker a partial container (consolidation) movement, which would probably stop in one or more Asian countries and unload in a west coast port of the United States, then you could have a fairly reasonable price. The previous listings of moving companies are worth researching, but it is quite difficult to move back to the U.S. vice moving to the Philippines. In my conversations with a one or two shipping companies, I was told that more people ship various cargo to the Philippines so it was cost effective, but no one wants anything that comes out of the Philippines, since most of their export is consumables, which have different laws and tariffs.

Hi, sounds like you had a bad experience there.  Is there any way you could list the reasons why, as you indicated somewhere in this post you don't think it's a good idea to retire in the Philippines?  And do it objectively.

I think it would be great to hear the other side of the story.  Most of the posts about retiring there are about how good it is.

So I think it would be good to hear about the pitfalls.  Maybe this could be a separate post.


rjcash: I have posted a topic in Everyday Life titled: "My thoughts on every day living in the Philippines". This is not all inclusive of my experiences, as that would take forever. To live here you would have to be able to release some of your thoughts and beliefs of the western ways...

I don't know if it is this site rules or what but there is no list here for me to see. More that hearing why it is easier to ship to the Philippines than from the Philippines, it would be more helpful to hear some examples of how much it cost and who is a reliable shipping company.

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I am an Aussie and plan to die here so living here is different than back home. Being an aged pensioner you can live here much better unless you need much medication.  I am 69 yo so i feel maybe 10 more years to live.  Love the friendly people here. Aussie accent is a problem as most have a very hard time of it. Driving on the roads is the only stress related issue you will have.  Enjoy your day all.

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