People who work in NGHA (KAIMRC) live in which compound in Riyadh?

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InshaAllah, I am going to receive an job offer from NGHA (King Abdullah International Medical Research Center) in Riyadh.
I am a French research scientist (ph.D degree).

People who work in KAIMRC live in which compound in Riyadh? because I heard that KAIMRC places his staff in various compounds in Riyadh. I need to know their localizations.

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would recommend Ranco compound as it is near to NGHA (east of riyadh)

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They give you a choice of living at one of the compounds they own/rent (their choice) or getting a yearly allowance to find your own accommodation. The allowance is not enough to even get accommodation for a single month on a compound, so no Ranco (unless you pay out of your own pocket).

Where they put you will depend on your visa status (single/family), your nationality, and your skin color. The person recruiting you should be able to tell you where you will be placed if you ask.

One of the compounds is nice, they are building another that will open at an unknown date, and the rest are in various states of crumbling (with one still in disrepair from the truck that exploded earlier this year).

Dear Xenolol,

thank you very much for your message.

However,please, I have questions:

"They give you a choice of living at one of the compounds they own/rent (their choice)"

Where are they localized in Riyadh? Do you have names?

"One of the compounds is nice" where is it? which name?

"they are building another that will open at an unknown date" where is it? which name?

thank you for helping

They are scattered about, most are near the hospital within a twenty minute drive. I am not comfortable giving exact locations of any compound publicly. Your recruiter should be able to tell you where they are and their names.

Where they are isn't very important though, as they all have free bus transportation to work and back again. Along with free bus transport to and from supermarkets and certain shopping malls on specific days.

Best of luck to you!

Hi Xenolol,
you certainly know good information. But one of my friends was working in NG. He left more than three months ago and it is NG who provided him the housing in Ranco which also within 20 min away and still some other colleagues to him living there.

@Abo Redwane, Ahlan wa Sahlan. Wish you best luck and I second that you should ask NG to give you more information and explanation about the housing. The majority of the compounds that NG deals with are near.
Another compounds in that area: Alymamh and Addanh.

He asked specifically about KAIMRC and I answered specifically for KAIMRC.

No nurse, doctor, researcher, or IT person working at KAIMRC that I know lives at Ranco. It is not normal practice for them to place at Ranco. There are plenty of places available at the compounds owned and rented by NGHA.

Dear all,

thank you so much!

Hi Dear,
Any idea about salaries at KAIMRC for Phd+3yr exp.

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