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My name is Ainhoa. I change my spanish for english while we drink a coffe. I live in Den Haag, in  Scheveningen. Is someone it's interesting, please, let me know. I really need to improve my english!

Hi Ainhoa,

You should post an advert in the Language Exchange in the Hague section please :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Hi I'm moving to Netherlands in Sept. I can speak English. Will exchange language if you interested. Please inbox me

Hello Ainhoa!!
I was looking for any language exchange in Den Haag to meet people and I saw your profile. Are you still live here?? I would like to meet people.

Hi Tulipana,

Welcome on board  :)

The post of Ainhoa is quite old and it's been a while since she has not connected to the website. I suggest you drop an advert in the The Hague classifieds under the language exchange section. Interested members will contact you.

All the best,

Thank you a lot! I'm still investigating how does this page work :)

Hi Tulipana,I am an English teacher offering English and Dutch individual lessons in central Den Haag if you are interested.

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