Running a business in Tenerife.

My name is Helena, I am originally from Czech Republic, but have been living in London for the last ten years. My boyfriend, who is Scottish, and I are seriously considering moving to Tenerife. We are planning to open a café/restaurant, but are open to any other business opportunities that may come our way. I would be most grateful if you could share your experiences of running a business and living there.
Many thanks

Hi Helena :)

Firstly, congratulations on the decision to move! I'm currently self employed and have been living in Tenerife for the last 10 years and have seen lots of businesses come and go, however I would say now is the ideal time to buy - if you understand the changing market of Tenerife. There are several forces being put into place that are encouraging a different style of tourist with alot more spending power than the previous style catered towards the 'lads holidays' etc. We're going upscale, however prices of businesses on sale atm are still cheap! As long as you do enough research about optimum locations etc, an upscale restaurant/cafe here should have no reason to thrive in the coming years :) FRINA Tenerife probably has the best customer service and advice for expat buyers, I'd have a look at some of their articles onsite, too, some of the info already on there is pretty helpful, especially regarding stuff like business licenses etc. Good luck with it all! :)

Dear Helena.
My philippina wife and me, I am a swedish national pensioner. Bought a finca in Arico in July 2012. We arrived to Tenerife from the island of Langkawi in Malaysia where we was living during since 2009, alltogether we lived in Asia, -The Philippines and Malaysia for 5 years. we was arriving to Tenerife in the beginning of august 2011 we arrived in Tenerife intending to start a business to get some income for my wife.we was searching for a suitable finca for over a year. And and finally found and bought a finca in a rural village, La Sabinita Arico an rural village in the Southeast of Tenerife island and was planning for a pension wth a beergarden on the mountainside, just above the road TF-28. It is a large storage buildung attached to the 110 m2 livinghose that would be good to reform to bedrooms for the pension. we started with to reform a part of the large storage to a 40 m2 kitchen with tiled walls and build to later be approved for commersial cooking. And invested around 45,000:- Euros in the reforms. There is also 5 smaller storage buildings partly reformed to guesthouses in the property aswell.. In November 2012 iIsuffered a blodcloth in my brain and is since then partly paralysed in my left hand and arm. And no more able to continue and finish the necessary reforms in the property for the pension project. I am therefor lokking for somebody willing to buy 50 % of our finca. With 780 m2 totally walled land,  and344 m2 "Almacen" storage buildings + the living house in the deed, "Escritura" and together with my wife and me finnishing the project wit the Pension and Beergarden. we have good contact and support from Arico's tourist Office for our project It comes many tourists to Arico for walking  the tracks in the mountain region here. But there is no  lodging att all in Arico municipal.    The necessary fonds   90,000:- Euro to buy 50 % of the finca. maybe less if own constructionwork with the reforms is done if construction workers is neeeded, Iwill pay 50 50 of the total costs for mateial and labour
If you is interested in to take part of my project and buy  50 % of our finca including a apartment about 60 m2. the bathroom in the apartment needs  to be renovated.
You is welcome to contact me on Email: [email protected] for more information and photos.
Yours Sincerely, Lars Carlen.La Sabinita. Arico Viejo. S.C de Tenerife.

Hello lars Carlen

Kindly note that you are participating on an old thread, inactive for nearly 11 months.

Concerning your proposition, I suggest you to place an advert in our Business partners classifieds in Tenerife so as to better spread the word.

Kenjee Team