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Hi guys,
I'm an Australian living in London and my husband is Algerian. I would love to immigrate back to Australia to bring up our son, but need to convince my husband. I was wondering if I could get some feed back from fellow Algerian's and their experience in Australia. Eg; Did it take long to feel settled and think of Australia as home, is it difficult to get to Algeria from Australia, have you suffered racism as I know some Australian's can be racist, are there large Algerian communities in Australia, what part of Algeria are you from? If you could help me out at all with any of these questions it would be most appreciated> Thank you.

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i am an algerian who lives in australia for the last 10 years gold coast now melbourne before that 10 years in london , i can easly say that australia is a wonderful country in a lot of aspects but it is definatly not for the alerians especially if they lived in another western country especially england,regarding algerian communities is very limited 50 families and considering melbourne is very cosmopolitan !the distance from australia to algeria is the biggest problem cost and time of travel affect us alot.if you can be happy in london i can assure you that you will be making the right decision and good luck.

Hey Ev11: I am an algerian living in Sydney for the last 12 years. Australia is a great country, beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. The weather in Sydney is similar to the one in Algiers. However, if you are planning to travel back to either Algeria or europe every year, that would make it a little difficile due to the cost and the distance. There are about 10000 Algerians in Australia but they are all scattered across the continent. It is not easy to meet Algerians in the street unless if you go to those places where are concentrated. Europe is best for you if you are really into the culture and the community. This is just my opinion though.

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Being in Australia for nealy 30 years, if you are confortable in London the i would recomend strongly London.

Hi ev11,

I hope that my response does not come too late.

My wife is Australian and we have lived all over the planet and let me tell that by far Australia is the best. We are in fact planning to settle permanently in Brisbane in 2013.

I lived in OZ in 2004 and had to unfortunately return to London for family commitments. I have enjoyed every single moment down under. Family wise, its the best place to raise kids. I have not experienced racism at all and Australians I came across are really really nice people. When I joined my workplace people went to extremes to my my life easy...will never forget that!!!

As far Australia Australia being far from the rest of the world; its in the 'head'. I thought the same when I went there but i remember going back twice to Algeria when I was in Sydney. In any case, i go once a year from the US or UK...

It might seem bizarre, but i convinced my native Australian wife to go back rather the the opposite and I am really looking forward to it.

If I can be of any help or you feel that I can advise your husband, i will be more than happy to do it.



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