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hello everyone, i have still the idea to run a guesthouse in cambodia. the right place i dont know yet. the last months i have get a lots of information about doing bussiness in cambodia.
but i cant find many guesthouses that are for sale, i found some  small realestates agencys en forums where they advertising. But i cant believe that that are the only one guesthouses that are for sale. So has anyone a good site for me where they offer guesthouses for sale?

thanks a lot

I have a restaurant guest house for sale on the koh rong island....
If you are interested I send you more informations.
You can also contact me at my e mail

Hi blazerk5,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Guest houses in Cambodia section, this might surely help. Thank you! ;)



Where in Cambodia do you want a guest house?
Do you want to buy the business and or the building?

There are many real estate agencies in Cambodia, you can find them online, many Khmer real estate agents don't place all properties/businesses on their sites, but have them in mind.

i dont know yet in which place, it most be the complete picture, pp, siem reap maybe, but also kep or more upcoming places belongs to my interest.

i want a lease business, buy the goodwill, and pay montly lease to the londlord. its almost impossible to buy land in cambodia, and rent a place is often to expensive. And i have some ideas, s also i want change the rooms or guesthouse if thats necessary.

Dear blazerk5,

Maybe I can help you - I have good access to different real estate for sale from the owners. Please get in touch via email: ene.tohv[at] discuss what you need exactly.

Or might you be interested of a good restaurant in Siem Reap?
I will give you more information via email or phone. 

Restaurant in good condition, with clients, in nice house. Maybe you will start with a restaurant and can go ahead, setting up a guest house later? 
Please feel free to get in touch in time.
best regards

I will found for you in Cambodia so please sent me your contact number,


only emaill****
if you know a good site , let me know. or send pics and info and contact maill to the adress.

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I am a land owner in KEP and SIEM REAP and I think the best way is to build it yourself with a partner.
Check my ad … evelo.html

Some constructions for sale are so poor that the owner does not have enough capital to renovate all water works which tend to be destroyed after 5 years in Cambodia. Many hotels for sale when the water systems are beyond repair.

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