Al-Waha Garden Village

Can anyone give me some information on Al-Waha Garden Village? I'm moving to KSA and want to what this compound is like.


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Welcome. the building is old,but nice place ,green spaces, consists of villa 1 & 2& 3 bedrooms . In Addition to 2 swimming pool, Gym, Jacuzzi,Sauna, tennis court. Security . I can help you to go there if you like .

whats the price range for 1 bedroom there???

price for one bed 78000 SR

78000SR yearly or monthly?

Um3RR :

78000SR yearly or monthly?

Rents are yearly here.


I checked it out when looking for a place. Rooms are ridicilously small, and it may have facilities and a mini-market and what not, but for the price I don't think it's worth it. Very old and facilities were breaking down. Management isn't too friendly.

Would not recommend.

Hi.  Can you provide directions to this compound?  I am picking up my friend and I have no idea where it is.  Thanks.

- Chan

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Al Waha green garden village compound is really nice and green compound. There are swimming pool, restaurant, gym, children playground, party hall, supermarket. The management is loyal and the communication is always good. They have very good maintenance team workers, they are working hard. The rental price is much cheaper compare to other compounds. I would definitely recommend this compound to my friends.

I did not like it.

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