Pinoy Expats

Hello everyone! Any Pinoy expats in Mumbai?

A google search tells me that Pinoy expats means expats from Phillipines.
Can you please enlighten on the word Pinoy.
Best wishes,

Pinoy is an slang word for Filipinos which means citizens from the Philippines.

Thanks.Is it considered as derrogatory or impolite to use pinoy for filipinos by others?
Do some filipinos also speak spanish?Which is the main language?
Best wishes,

Any filipino community here in bombay?

Looking for some pinoys here too.

Good afternoon Sarah

Welcome to Mumbai

i too am looking for pinoy here in navi mumbai.....any kababayan po?

im here..
Navi mumbai..
ikaw saan ka sa mumbai?

cerilo pacina,

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Hello Cerilo Pacina,
I see that you know spanish.
We are a group of 5 wanting to improve our spoken spanish.
We could help you with Hindi.
We can meet in New Mumbai at place convenient to you.
Do let us know.



Im filipino staying in mumbai.

Hi sarah how are you?we just moved here 3 months back every now and then wishing i could meet kabayan,s here in mumbai.

nice to see you here mhary. are u still in mumbai?

Hi po.. im planning to live in mumbai.. hope to meet filipinos like you there.

Hi po.. im planning to live in mumbai.. hope to meet filipinos like you there.

I am at the moment in Mumbai and have my office in Manila and also speak Tagalog. I met a lady from Mumbai a couple of months ago in Mauritius . She is married to a Filipino now retired and settled in Mumbai. As per her there is a  Filipino community in Mumbai and they meet regularly. Unfortunately I did not get her contact number to get more details.

I suggest a few of you who know each other meet up and I am sure the community will grow. When I was new in Mauritius, I started a Filipino group with a very few Filipinos. Now we have around 200 in the group and also have Tagalog Mass in church .

Best wishes to all you .


Im also a pinay , planning to move Mumbai this year coziam getting married with my indian boyfirend,can i ask f there is pinoy also iving in mumbai.?thankyou.

Hi hi,

Any pinoy hangouts here in Mumbai every weekend? Wanting to meet some filipinos here as I'm gonna be here for 2 months.


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