My boyfriend is moving to Tunis


My name is Najla and i'm Tunisian, my boyfriend is American and he wants to move to Tunis so that we can be together... We are worried about the lack of opportunities for him to be making a living here. Any jobs for an American guy here in Tunis? Any ideas to help us?

For now, we are discussing the possibility of teaching English but he doesn't have the bachelor's degree. He is going to get his ESL certified soon though.

Could you please help us out ?

Best regards,

Hello Najla.

I have moved your message to the english speaking forum of Tunis for more visibility and better networking.

Can you give us more precisions about the experiences and skills of your boyfriend?


Karen :)

Hey Karen,

Many Thanks for your reply :)

Well to answer your question about my boyfriends' skills, i must say that he is very good with computers since he is studying video game design, he is certified in Aluminum Welder and he is now a supervisor at IFCO...


Hi Najla,

I suggest him to post an advert in the IT & Telecommunications jobs in Tunis section, with details of his skills and experiences. This might be helpful. :)



Try Amideast or British Council for teaching English.  They are often looking for qualified teachers.

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