Bean Bags???

Where Can I find Bean Bags in Riyadh????

Bean bags - Ikea and also one of the furniture places across the road from Ikea. (Cant recall name, but have seen them)

Thanks will check them out. But I have been to IKEA couple if times but could not see any there.

You just mean small bean bags, right?  Not bean bag chairs?

I've made my own!  Easy enough to buy dried beans and then go to the Kuwaiti Souk, buy some material and spend a few riyals having one of the tailors sew them up.

Yes Alliecat I mean the round shaped bean bags. Not the big chair shaped bean bags.

Does anybody know where to get foam pellets in riyadh to fill th bean bag...?? Thank u

Hi dude, were you able to locate any place where we can get the foam pellets for the bean bags ?

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ikea, saco.

Can you please guide me from were I can buy the bean bag dried refiller in Riyadh

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