Flat/Houseshare in Abidjan. Anyone?

Hi there! Im Italian but I speak perfect English, French and Spanish... and of course Italian!
I am looking for a place to rent but as it seems quite impossible to find just a room in a flatshare I wonder if anyone will be willing to share something with me (preferably zone 4) , or at least could suggest a website where I could find flats or houses.
Let me know if you can help or if you are interested.

Hi vittoria, i know but its 30,000 per day, its a fully furnished

Hello vittoria83.

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You should post an advert in the Housing in Abidjan section. It could help.

Thank you,

Hey Vittoria,
I am also looking to share a flat with someone. However, I won't be in Abidjan until september. Inbox me if you are still looking for someone.

Am coming to abidjan on Monday , 30 July 2013 please I need a flat to share , please leave a msg if anyone is available, thanks

30k per day for a single room? thats like 1600USD per month... so expensive

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