Rental Fraud Abidjan!!

All expats be aware of rental fraud in Abidjan, I was ripped off by rental company that asked me 2 months in advance to pay 1000 eur for one bedroom flat and after 2 months municipality Abidjan showed up on my door saying that they will take the flat ( I have to move out ) since the owner did not pay rent for one year, rent was 250 eur per month for the municipality!

Do not pay any rental fee without official rental contract, rental fee in Abidjan is 250 EUR per month have this in mind when they offer you flats of 2000 EUR...they try to rip you off!!!

are you currently living in abidjan? 


Hi Karen,

Yes, email me if you need any help. Only in Zone 4 is safe for expats, the other parts of Abidjan it is not safe to walk at night.

@New Mihaela - I am from the UK and travelled to Abidjan eleven times and stay in Cocody which I have found to be very safe even at night and I'm a single woman. Having said all that the same precautions I take in London are not much different in Abidjan.

@carpenterkf - Zone 4 is very expensive and recommend Cocody. I have travelled to Abidjan eleven times and have always stayed in Cocody as my base. Near the International Schools, French Embassy and Golf Hotel are good areas with many foreigners. Zone 4 is near the Airport and popular with business people but expensive. 250€ won't go far in zone 4, I doubt you would find anything at that price point.