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Am new to this forum and will be moving to Nairobi with 3 children of school age.

I have been researching Braeburn primary school but wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the school and how it compares to Braeside and other British curriculum based schools.



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So you are from London and you are moving to Nairobi, right?

For the schooling in Nairobi, I can advise you to consult the discussion forum Schools & studies in Nairobi. Eventually, you can have an answer concerning the comparison between the two schools.

Well, i hope other members will also advise you on this subject.

If you have any questions in terms of accommodation, jobs, and all that, please don't hesitate to post on the Nairobi forum

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Braeburn and Braeside are sister schools so they have similar curriculum :)

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Do you know why Braeside is so much cheaper than Braeburn if that is the case?


Hi Malijah,

I'm not sure why the fee costs vary; however, you could e-mail them and obtain all the details you need. Here is a link with contact details: … ide-school

I have a 6 year old child at Braeburn (Imani).  Yes, they follow the UK curriculum, through to A level.  Its really like a British private school, down to the risk assessments for school trips, etc!!!  The school has a very positive social message of tolerance and respect  for others. 

Braeburn Schools have expanded rapidly in recent years and (where my Granddaughter is concerned)
I am becoming concerned that the quality of teaching isnt compatible with the steep fees.  We pay Kes 117000 per term.  There are also a lot of hidden extra costs.  Activites such as music, certain sports, etc all cost extra.  I also sponsor a nephew, who goes to a good 'local' school.  We paid approx Kes 30000 for the entire year and I honestly think that the standard of teaching is better. 

With Braeburn School, once your child is accepted, the school will tie you into providing written notice of one term (or one terms fees in lieu), if you decide that the school isnt suitable.

We used to live close to Braeburn School, in Lavington and the around the school traffic is gridlocked twice a day.  I understand that, as a result, children can spend a lot of time commuting (sitting in traffic) between school and home.

You will find that traffic is gridlocked in most school zones during school terms.

Longonot62, what is the name of the school your nephew attends?

Hello Anne-Sharon.  its my Granddaughter and she attends Braeburn Imani in Thika.

I was referring to the nephew you sponsor

Oh Sorry, he goes to Joytown Special School, in Thika, although he is not disabled.

Hi Longonot62

Thanks for the info - really helpful. Researched a bit more and thought about Nairobi Intnernational school. Fees are much cheaper and to the extent the levele of eductation is similar, I can't see any reason to pay the high fees of Braeburn.

Do you have any information (other than what is publically available) on that school?


Hi Abel,

No sorry I don't.  Our choice of school was dictated by the area.  Its the only British System school close to where we live.

Despite the bad publicity that they get [about crowded classrooms, teachers on strike etc], Kenyan public schools are quite good, especially if you are not too concerned about the different education system.

Nairobi Primary School, Westlands Primary School, for example, are exceptional. And as a bonus, your child get's a chance to interact with children from the whole spectrum of Kenyan society. It can really broaden the child's view of the world.

there are other schools like Kenton and Peponi. I believe, both of them charge lower than Braeburn.

Kenton seems to have a preference due to them being strict on discipline.


I too am in the process of searching for schools . The curriculums are fine but fees can be very expensive . Does anybody know more about British or American schools with reasonable fees . Let us know

Consider Woodland Star School - in a beautiful setting outside Nairobi - accessible unless you need to close to large shopping malls and unless you like living in traffic infested suburbs.


Try School of Nations, Kitusuru, affordable and very good. My kids go there.

how is oshwal academy n terms of teachers and overall student development? my kid aged 6 is in CBSE board in india which is the best board for her GCSE or IB to continue in her studies wihtout to much stress. how does GCSE and IB help in future.

hi, welcome to Kenya.There's a new addition to international schools in Kenya. It's Choice imani international school - Thika located within delmonte farms.kindly visit the school or call or check their website. was there i liked it they have the british system and local 8-4-4 system.

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Hi carrientinyari,  The school you refer to has been taken over by Braeburn Schools and has moved to a new site in Ngoingwa, Thika.  It is now known as Braeburn Imani International School.  My Granddaughter goes there.

Hallo to you all,am new here and I already feel at home,am looking to relocating next year back home,I've been researching British Curriculum Schools,found a few but the down side is the fees are too high,I've read a few suggestions which I'll look into but for the time being if anyone has any suggestions pliz don't hesitate to update me.My son is 10yrs old and would be moving to 5th class here,I don't mind a good 8.4.4 system school, my only concern is,won't he be all confused??? If he was younger,maybe,but at his level,might I be confusing him????HEELLLP..
Well, another problem, I have a 12 yr old boy with special needs,AUTISM to be precise,any special education schools?????  Please help.
Thanks a million.

Hello, the following might be of interest to you, for your son with autism....... … Itemid=140

Regarding British curriculum schools:  Unfortunately, fees seem to be universally steep compared to Kenya system schools.  As previously posted, we have our granddaughter in Braeburn Imani International School, in Thika and in common with a few other parents, we do not feel that the school offers good value for money.  In terms of our location, there is a very limited choice of good schools, which is one of the reasons that we have persisted with Braeburn Imani (our granddaughter is too young to board).

I think that putting your 10 year old into the Kenyan system would risk him slipping back while he gets used to the different system.  Also bear in mind that kenyan schools are sometimes very reluctant to accept children from overseas, particularly from the UK, as they are perceived to be too undisciplined and difficult to manage.

Try St Christophers in Karen, my kids have been there for past two years we sre moving back to Europe for luck of better choices especially high schools. Its a total rip off

American school go for Roselyn international school or ISK

Hi Longonot62,

I am returning to Kenya next year and was looking at Braeburn Imani for my daughter who will be 8. What sort of extra curricular activities do they offer. Thanks

I've heard good things about the Gems international school. British curriculum. Might be worth a look. I'm not sure about the fees though. Good luck.

What is brookhouse like?

This is a great forum on schools.

I find it interesting that there is no common website or source that provides some form of ranking for schools in Kenya based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, teacher quality/student ratio etc. Did I just miss this on my most recent google.

[Moving to NBO this summer and struggling to find a school for my 5 year old - if I hear "wait-list" one more time I may just run mad!!]

I am moving to nairobi next year, so am looking for a good international
school for my 5 year old.

I wanna a British school which fees costs 70,000

Kes 70,000 per term, or per year?  To be honest, I don't think that you will find one for so little. 

We recently had a 7 year old child in Braeburn Imani (Thika) and the fees were something like Kes 180,000 per term, for day scholar, plus music lessons, lunch and transport.   These were some of the lowest rates at this school - they rose fairly steeply, based on seniority.  We withdrew her and sent her to a Kenyan system school, as we did not feel that we were getting value for money.

try the details there

Nairobi International School is good . My son is in yr 3. Level of education  is good. They emphasise on sports equally as on academics.
Lots of Braeburn  and Braiside kids have joined NIS. . For me it's convenient as I am on James  Gichuru road.
Teachers give one on one attention . 1 drawback for preparatory side is the area. The school plot is small. But they are hoping to have soon something big.
You can actually walk in anytime at NIS and get information.

As far as I know, Braeside has more Kenyan/local students and Braeburn has more international students. Braeburn in Lavington is older, better located, but traffic can be brutal...Braeburn Estate Garden is on the outskirts, not so far from Runda, the campus is new, with fewer students, it is growing fast. Primary school head is a lovely person!!
The best school, though, in my opinion is ISK. They offer the IB programme for the last 2 HS years. Very international in every sense. My children loved it!

I would prefer you take breaside and you will not regret.  It is cheaper because most teachers are locals but they compared to breaburn whose most are from around the globe. But better learning at breaside and with lots of international students too. It is much better compared to Nairobi international school even in extra curricular activities.

Check on gifted hands school it will suite both your kids and offers igcse I tell out of experience having relocated to kenya last year.  School fees for igcse are steep and no learning. Nairobi Jeffrey Academy too the fees are reasonable

:o  Gems International Fee is $14000 around 1.5Million Ksh a Year for a 4th Grader! And they are fairly new to Kenya, I know them from Dubai, their structure and all is good, standard of studies is just OK for a British Curriculum but that Amount is ridiculous!

I relocated three month ago and i can tell its wasn't easy to find a school. like Any other business the school put alot of information on their website which is just not true. Which was a major cause of my disappointment.
After visiting all the schools i ended up in Juja preparatory school which offer both the British and Kenyan system. My 6 old Daughter  is there and like the school. One thing that gives this school a major boost is the way they have separated the students to reduce the risk of bulling which was my biggest worry. The little once have their own compound the primary have their own compound and all the facilities. It give me as a parent a huge peace of mind. Their bus driver and coordinators are very mature beyond my expectation. Honestly i believe i found a matching school with most of my expectation. The principle Mrs Otieno have been there to help my daughter to catch up the swahili which she never spoke a word. If you are new i around this place try this school their fees are also very reasonable. But you kid must pass their interview they are very strict on that.   


Nairobi actually has a really good choice of International Schools but you really get what you pay for.  I think it depends on what side of town you live as you don't want your kids stuck in traffic for hours!  On the Karen side there is Hillcrest, GEMS, Brookhouse and The Banda - the first 3 also have secondaries and Hillcrest also has an Early Years.  On the Westlands side of town, there is Peponi House and Braeburn Garden Estate - then 'in town' there is Kenton (only a Prep School) and Braeburn.  You need to look at what fits you and your child best - we really wanted a school with diversity, a holistic approach to teaching and strong values so chose Hillcrest.

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