Special needs school in Nairobi

We are thinking of moving from the Uk to Nairobi but have an 8 year old autisitic son and need to know if there are any English speaking special needs schools in Nairobi?

Thanks in advance.



Try these: http://www.kestrelmanorschool.com/LSU.htm

http://www.kenyacareersguide.com/index. … &Itemid=53

I am from nairobi although I currently reside in Australia. Kenya has no schools for Autistic children. You may find out from brookhouse school, if they have cohorts for special needs children in their mainstream school. It is very expensive though. Hope that helps. Cheers. Evans

Nyabwonda :

I am from nairobi although I currently reside in Australia. Kenya has no schools for Autistic children. You may find out from brookhouse school, if they have cohorts for special needs children in their mainstream school. It is very expensive though. Hope that helps. Cheers. Evans

Hey, Kenya has autistic schools. There is even the Autistic society. Things have changed!

It is good that thing have changed. which Autistic schools may you be referring to? I am a special needs practitioner and the special needs schools we have in kenya cater for the physical  disability, visually impaired and hard of hearing. Cheers

yes Mr Nyabwonda, things have changed a lot, you can find everything in kenya... So Mr Grumpy_Rick, welcome to nairobi.

check these, may be helpful or not.

http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/?article … 8&pageNo=1
http://www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism … anizations

My daughter is a special needs teacher working with children with various challenges.  If you are interested please email her on n***

yes you can get a whole lot of special needs schools in nairobi.
kccl, gibsons school, grangevile and a lot more
u can get in touch with me on *** for more info or guidance as i teach music in these schools

Kaizora is excellent. It's the only school offering ABA therapy

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Hello Rick,

Yes there are special needs schools in kenya.  If you call Teacher Mary on ***
she will advise you where to take your child.  Herself she heads the deaf/blind unit in
kilimani primary school and she is the right person who will give you info where to go
for assessment and appropriate school.  Eunice.

I have a 5 year old son who has mild developmental delays (speech, cognitive and potential ADHD) - the information provided on this forum has been really really helpful in terms of getting a better understanding on the potential options for children in Kenya. Thank you!

Am a Kenyan with a 3 yr old daughter who is hyperactive  and i would like to enroll her in a school where she ll be taken care off since her concentration is very low  and she needs follow up.
Any leads ll be highly appreciated

I think that it is quite difficult to find a school in which the teachers will understand your childs needs and provide the support that she needs, rather than perceiving her as 'naughty'.  There is a generally low awareness of hyperactivity disorders in Kenya.  Even where teachers are more aware, the system itself isn't well set up to manage students with special needs.

There is a lot you can do at home to assist her to increase her attention span and I suggest that you have her assessed by an occupational therapist, who can guide you.

Thanks for your feedback. Do u have therapist that u can recommend.

Have you tried City Primary School in Ngara? They have autism unit. Also you can check Kestrel Manor School and My School Kindergarten in Nairobi. All these have Occupational Therapists which is what your child needs.
Am an Occupational Therapist working outside Kenya but I have colleagues there in case you want a private therapist

I am also an occupational therapist with a lot of paediatric experience!  However I am not Nairobi based.

I would hesitate to recommend an autism unit, as a hyperactive child may not have an autistic spectrum disorder, but might have difficulties with sensory integration (making sense of her environment and her place within it, for example).  If she doesn't have a learning disability, then it is best to work on her levels of concentration etc and for her to attend a 'normal school'.

I will look up the contact for the therapist that I know of, who has sensory integration training and send you a private message.

I also have some resources and information on games and activities which can help.  Please let me know if you are interested.

You are absolutely  right..my daughteris not autistic what she lacks is concentration and always up and down.she has some limited vocabularies.
I will appreciate if you can send me the resources and infornation**

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Lancinnejones, please give your e-mail details via private message. Thanks.

My son has what may be called dyslexia. The normal schools around do not handle him. He is 6yrs been to school for 3yrs now but can't scribble a no or a letter. Can anyone help what school i can take him.

I'm a special needs teacher and in my opinion/ experience is that no school is ideal or perfect to meet the child's needs. my recommendation is that you need to involve experts in this not only teachers. maybe the child needs physiotherapy to strengthen muscles.  To get these professionals look for special education professionals Kenya its a team of various experts assessment will be done and an individualised program for the child will be rolled out.

Hi..i know am late in replying to your question..but i have just been a member and read your querry.let me tell you children who are hyperactive are one of the most intelligent children.their mind is continuosly active and their energy levels are to the fullest.it might be very difficult to find a school which can totally take care of it and i feel one shouldnt even put the child in any other school.But what you can do is to talk with the teacher and make her explain that the child is hyperactive and so take it into consideration.Because it so happens most of the times that the teacher terms the child as "mischievous" and tends to ignore the other talents in the child.Also as a parent even you can be a great boon to the child by preparing activities which can help the child to be mentally active and at time physical activities that can help the child to drain off all the excess energy the child has.the whole idea is to just keep the child occupied and make them use their potential to the fullest.once again i say hyperactive children are really intelligent onces,its just that they need some one who can channelise them in the right direction.


We have just moved to Nairobi. I'm looking for the occupational therapist for my 9 years old daughter. We will live in Runda area. Are you interested in helping us?

Another question is about special need schools in Nairobi. Do you thing you can give us some advise? Amelie is delayed, doesn't speak  and has a problems with fine motor skills.

My address is *
Kind Regards

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Hi, We have just arrived. We are looking for the special needs school for our 9 years old daughter. She doesn't speak, has problem with fine motor skills and is delayed. We are also looking for therapist and teachers that can work with her after hours.  Could you please advise us?  Thank you


Jacaranda school is for students who are mentally challenged so not sure if your kid falls under that, but I'm sure you can find something once you've settled down.

Though late but we may help.
Get in touch on for more support,we have a day care centre for specail needs children and also can recormmend home tutors/ carers.**

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You can check out Waldorf school and even Braeburn accommodates special needs children

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I hope you got help and if not, contact Prime therapies through email, primecaretherapies[at]gmail.com for all support for autistic or children with delayed milestones. They also assist in school placement and give therapy both at home and at school.

Braeburn is the most chosen by expats.


Hello, I would like to know of a good school where a 10 year autistic child can learn; especially in Nairobi around Karura area. Are there support systems like sponsorships for such cases? Thank you.

Kilimani Primary School in Kilimani area has two special units the visually impaired that also admits autistic children and the deaf/blind unit. Transportation can be planned from the office. Don't know if that can help but karura is a bit too far from kilimani near yaya.

Try the Autism Society of Kenya.


Autistic spectrum disorder, as you probably know, has only recently been recognised and is poorly understood, in Kenya.  Children (and adults) with autism need a particular  approach to education and just because a school is a special needs school, it doesn't mean that the staff have the skills to educate your child.  Make sure that you check them out thoroughly.  A new school is a big change for any child; even more so for a child with autism.

Someone above has suggested Prime Care Therapies.  It might be worth enquiring, but don't let a situation develop where they manage to tie you in to a long term commitment, which could be very expensive.

There is quite a lot of literature on the Kindle Store about managing children with autistic spectrum disorders, which would assist in increasing your own knowledge and could help you manage your child.

Am looking for one around eastlands

Banda School

Hi, thanks for the info please can you share with contact details of teacher mary, i have a son who need specials care with hearing aid and am looking for a good school  to enrol him. Thanks

Thanks very much for your warm welcoming ,i m Humbled

Those who have children with disabilities and need help can always contact me

Check at Buruburu Baptist church and school we have a unit

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