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Hi everybody,

I've got a job interview next Thursday for an IT job in Los Angeles. They want me to negotiate my salary but I have no idea of the cost of life there. I heard that it's very expensive (but I don't really know), how much does it cost to rent a flat, transportation ...? How much should I earn to get a decent life?

Would you share your experience with me?



Hi Julien
Here's how much it costs to live in San Francisco (close to downtown):
Appartment - $1400 for a nice 1bedroom (un 2 pieces) or $700-900 with roommates
Transportation - I take public transportation but I think you may need to count several $100/month for insurance + gaz (in LA you'll probably need to drive long distances to get to work)
Food - $300 -  $500/mo depending on how much you eat out
Utilities (rounded up) - $50/mo cell phone, $60/mo electricity, $20/mo water, $50/mo basic cable TV, unless you share these costs with roommates
Taxes : you may not have to pay them - I haven't had to yet but it may be 15% of you salary (can anyone confirm this?)
Health insurance : MAKE SURE you're covered or it's $300/mo out of your pocket, and know that even with health insurance, you'll have a co-pay (as much as $20) each time you see a dr ($100 for emergency room).
In San Francisco, taxes and insurance excluded, you can survive on $2000/month if you come alone - but salaries are really high here and if you have a degree, you usually get paid over 35K - $3000/mo.
Hope this helps - LA and SF are different, though.
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Thanks a lot Sciencebio for your help, the interview is for tomorrow :)

Julien wrote:

Thanks a lot Sciencebio for your help, the interview is for tomorrow :)

Good luck, Julien!

(Fingers crossed)


hi im really considering to move to LA myself from the uk. im worried about the cost of living which u have stated they are quite high but its very sunny, and miles better than in land.

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I've got the job!!!!

Julien wrote:

I've got the job!!!!

So will you go? You were not sure... :D
(I'm sure you will)

I've got one week to make a decision. The most difficult will be to be far, far away from my girlfriend :/

I am meeting my previous employer next week in London I wanna hear his proposition too ;)

It's a tough decision dude, but now you got it after all you souldn't back down. You applied for it in the first place, right ?

So will you go? You were not sure... big_smile
(I'm sure you will)

I'm dead sure you'll go too ;) Who wanna bet?

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