To work as dental hygienist in california, LA or SF

Hi my name is Keegan, 34yr old, Denatal hygienist in Holland.

I want a new adventure abroad. I have the wish for it to be in california area and if i can choose LA or SF would be nice. My origin is Turkish but im born and raised in Holland. I have been working as Dental hygienist for the past 10 years. I still like the job very much. But there is a feeling in me that kept growing, i need a change. Because of my background and my studies i can speak multiple languages. Dutch, German, Spanish, Turkish and English.
What i want to ask here is, is it difficult to work as a foreigner in the dental health sector in california. What are the necessary things to be able to work there. I have really been searching the internet a long time but i think im using the wrong words by searching. I hope i can get info here. If u have other info on other states its also more then welcome.
i hope i can get more info.


I think this link will get you started from the Dental Hygiene Committee of California

However this is only one aspect of the problem.  You'll also have to find an employer willing to sponsor you for a work visa.  This will be far more difficult than the licensing issue.

Romaniac Experts Team

i hope my 10yrs experience and my additional licence of drilling and filling will give me some advantage ;)

Diablo K :

i hope my 10yrs experience and my additional licence of drilling and filling will give me some advantage ;)

Once you go through visa requirements on which is the official site you will have an understanding of procedures and requirements.
A non- US license is not applicable. 10 years experience do not constitute 3 years per academic year for Bachelors substitute.

Thank you for the link i will get on there to read up on stuff.

If I can add my 2 cents on this subject:
- My sister in law is a dental hygienist also and is it essential that the dentist you work for here can carry insurance for you in case of a lawsuit, so your diploma has to be from what we call an Accredited School.
- I know of a French trained nurse living here in CA that won her green card on the lottery and back in France she was specialized in assisting the anesthesiologist in the OR (in high demand here) but she cannot work in her field in the US because her French diploma is not recognized by the US.
I know, it's not easy...

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