Life in Riyadh for young couple

Hey Everyone,
I've been working in Beirut with my family for quite some time now and i recently got a very good job offer (one you cant refuse) to work in Riyadh. However i am very concerned that my wife and 9 month old baby girl will not be happy and ill end up loosing my current position in my job in lebanon.How is life in Riyadh gonna be like for a young couple who are used to going out having fun, clubbing...etc. Is there a replacement that would give us a happy life.

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me and my wife are 28 adn 29
but we dont drink or clukb or anything.  but we stay busy constantly just going out and exploring

There is just one solution: Keep yourself busy in earning and keep your wife busy in spending,  Thats all folks :)

i'm married to a lebanese guy .. he is now in a scilence mode all the time because of boring riyadh .. no life in riyadh at all unliss you get to know a fun group.. me and my friends in the other hand have been looking for an outdoor place for at least shisha in riyadh and we end up spending our weekend at home "doing nothing". either earn and spend as the other guy mentioned.. or manage to go to bahrain every other weekend. as for couples used to clubbing you guys will difenatly get bored and deppressed.. i'm saudi and i cant stand spending one full month in riyadh

best of luck anyways

There is so much to do. You guys that say there isn't are too narrow minded

As for me I don't mind. I'm just worried my family's gonna give me a hard time and I'll end up regreting taking them with me. I can go to Bahrain every other weekend its not an issue, but how about the compounds. Are there limitations in compounds as well or can we let loose abit in our compounds. Maybe meet expats as well that could make our time abit easier ???

maybe you can help me out abit before taking my decision. What can a married couple do for fun in riyadh after working hours ?? How is the life in compounds. Forget Clubbing and whatever it doesnt mean that much to us anyways.... Any suggestions?

it depends on what you want to do.

me and my wife go out and explore the city, ir hang around watching movies.  we dont have the need to rely on meeting or being social with others to enjoy life.

I think it would be more pertinent to ask yourself WHAT do you do in Beirut right now to keep yourself entertained and busy (minus the drinking & clubbing part)?

Riyadh is land locked so the sea side which you were probably used to in Beirut, you can mark that out.

Now list all the activities that you are used to and let the others who already live here tell you if they are viable.

Hi There

I am a Musician and a Drummer, many times a group of Friends get together and we have karaoke, BBQ's etc. Why dont you come along once a d see the experience


You can as well mail me to [email protected]

ian riyadh sources of entertainment in restricted to meeting friends,watching movies and shopping.......clubbing n others are missing out here
But get 2gethers and weekend parties helps.

Its not that boring in Riyadh if you are a couple, else it can be monotonous !!!

Sure does cos I been here 16 years and nothing like uneinding with BBQ , karaoke and some Chit chat


Congratulations on the job offer!

I'm new to Riyadh, I've been here since December and I can tell you that life does exist in Riyadh.

Hopefully you will live on a compound and then life is much more comfortable for women especially - no abaya, work out dance classes, karaoke. Larger compounds are quite good at organising social activities - and if your compound doesn't have much going on - you can visit other's you just need to get signed in.

There is a lot happening here but it's a case of networking and making friends. The desert walk which happens on a Friday is a place where expats like to meet and that expands your social circle quickly. Embassy parties are also good but they can be a little expensive.

Regarding club nights etc then it will be a case of going out of the country to Bahrain or somewhere.

Good luck!

U are abs right, I never get bored any weekend as we have something ot the other to do, BBQ's are our mainstay, jammimg up , few guitarists, me a Drummer karaoke so we keep the ball rolling..ian

A gig that's something I haven't been to here yet.
Do you gig? Can I come ;-)?

sure dear.

will tell you more


heyy i wud like to come please. if you wont mind.

Life in Saudi it's good specially  when you meet  known friends instead of strangers. So better avoid some crapy cheap strangers :)

I Fully agree with you as it could mean a lot of harrassment, Disappointment and even trouble for all you know

Stay in touch mate

ian Russell Duarte

Yes true, one of my friend he fall in for a stranger and left kingdom for good and Atlast the stranger suprise him telling I was only looking for friends. And still he is hurt badly with a hope everything will work fine and waiting for that stranger.

Sound interesting my friend and more strange go and meet some place Saudia tell him Sorry my English bad

I've been in Saudi Arabia for about 10 years.

I've found that people who are outgoing and had an active and varied social life in their home countries absolutely do not like it in Saudi Arabia. These people have left in a year or two at the most. Many of them actually become depressed. I can't think of anyone who has stayed except for people who were working for Aramco or someplace extremely well connected. Actually, no, I do know some families who have stayed for the money, but I could see that they were very unhappy and it showed.

I had a Lebanese American friend whose husband was making good money and so they stayed for some time. They went back to the States and came back again for the money (tax-free). Even then, it wasn't worth it for them and they left for good the second time.

That said, since you are married, you may find that you and your wife enjoy socializing with other Lebanese people. Most people tend to be very closed and cautious here so you may find it hard to "break in". It takes effort, but it can happen.

My husband and I enjoy socializing with our friends on the weekend, but we actually have separate friends and socialize separately!:) However, we're mostly homebodies and bookworms anyway, so it's okay. Younger couples might find it more difficult.

Keep in mind that you may find it difficult when it comes to raising your child. I've found that parents' biggest complaint is that there is so little for kids to do here.

(Remember I'm talking about people who are outgoing and had an active and varied social life in their home countries. Like I said, for homebodies, bookworms, etc., it doesn't seem to be a problem. Also, if you are the kind of person who can handle a slower pace, frustration and some loneliness, it's fine.)

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